Canyoning in Madeira

Madeira island is a great destination for all canyoning lovers, from beginners to advanced ones.

Beautiful canyons, waterfalls of all sizes, lagoons with crystal clear water, and spectacular surroundings make canyoning in Madeira one of the best outdoor experiences.

Madeira is among the top 5 best places for canyoning in the world. Besides its beauty and raw nature, the main reason why Madeira is the best place for canyoning is that you can do it all year round, 365 days a year.

Moreover, Madeira is a volcanic and mountainous island with numerous canyons of different degrees of difficulty, from those for beginners to advanced, making it suitable for everyone.

For most beginners, canyoning in Madeira means hitting up the Ribeiro Frio canyon, one of Madeira island’s most scenic and beautiful canyons.

Canyoning in Madeira is perfect for everyone who’s healthy and somewhat fit and doesn’t have a big fear of heights. It’s great for both kids and the older generations.

Before you begin your descent into the canyon, you are introduced to the equipment, basic rope techniques and safety precautions.

The canyoning experience consists of walking through the river bed while climbing over big rocks, a bit of swimming, a few jumps into the clear water pools, and of course, the highlight of the whole experience – rappelling down a few waterfalls.  

Rappelling down waterfalls is super fun. Once you get over that initial fear and feel that the rope is definitely strong enough to hold you, and that you're secure, you relax.

As long as you follow your guides’ instructions, canyoning is very safe, as they are well trained and are there to keep you safe while having fun.

However, we’d highly encourage you to try jumping because this is the perfect opportunity to try it in a safe environment with professionals.

Jumping into water from heights isn’t required when canyoning in Ribeiro Frio. The guides can always provide an alternative route or ropes to rappel if you don’t want to do it.

Summary of the canyoning tour in Madeira: - Book your tour - Meet at the meeting point or get picked up (check this beforehand) - Change into the canyoning gear - Get briefed about rope techniques and safety protocols - Descend into the canyon - Have fun while swimming, jumping, rappelling, and walking through the canyon - After a few hours of fun, exit the canyon and change - Say goodbye 🙁

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