Since 2010, Jonker Street Night Market in Melaka has been an icon of this historical city, offering a great night out for exploring the culinary delights, local handicrafts, and culture through its 450 and counting stalls.

Jonker Street Night Market, Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka’s Jonker Street Night Market operates on a three-day-a-week system on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

You can find food stalls offering classical Malaysian food, the local Nyonya cuisine, and the food of its most significant communities, the  Chinese and Indian, and of neighboring Thailand.

Try the coconut icecream

Eat Nyonya Cendol

Try the one-bite Durian puff

Eat famous dim sum

Eat delicious veggie rolls

Taste the amazing Papaya Salad

Enjoy the freshest mango smoothies

Watch the coconut throwing show and eat the coconut shake

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