Lak Tented Camp

Lak Tented Camp’s glamping experience is one of the top things to do in Dak Lak.

Explore waterfalls, join trekking, and biking tours, and visit local villages to learn more about the culture.

The location is perfect for a pleasant and peaceful stay far away from the bustling cities.

The room is big enough with a big comfortable bed from which you can enjoy the view outside.

Lak Tented Camp offers many activities and tours, so there’s no way you’ll get bored.

We enjoyed a special Gong show performed by the local Hmong ethnic minority. They danced their traditional dances and sang beautiful traditional songs.

You also get the chance to try the Hmong homemade rice wine.

You can go on a trekking tour to the Bim Bip waterfall where you pass coffee plantations, little streams of water and just beautiful nature in general.

Bim Bip waterfall

Lak Tented Camp also offers cultural cycling tours around the nearby villages.

List of the things you see/do while on the cycling tour: - Pottery without a pottery wheel - Cacao farming by the Lak Lake - Hmong longhouses

Pottery without a pottery wheel

Cacao farming

It’s no secret that we love Vietnamese food and Lak Tented Camp’s cuisine was no exception. The food (of which most was local dishes) was amazing!

Food at Lak Tented Camp

You can also buy some local products at the camp

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