Pa Co Market is the gathering point of two ethnic minorities, Hmong from Moc Chau and Thai from Mai Chau. Both come here to trade goods and socialize. You can find a lot of their craft and traditional clothes, all of which are very colorful.

Pa Co Market

Like many more remote markets in the north of Vietnam, Pa Co Market also serves as the best possible insight into the life of the ethnic minorities of the area. 

Locals come here to sell and buy all kinds of products, from clothes and food to tools needed for work.

Hmong in Vietnam primarily reside in the mountainous northern part of the country and are among the most significant ethnic minorities there. Like Hmong, the Thai ethnic minority also mostly lives around the northern mountains of Vietnam and is also one of the largest ones, with over 1 million people.

Getting to Pa Co Market is not too hard, but it requires a 40 minutes drive from both Moc Chau and Mai Chau, as it’s right in the middle between them.

This is the best place to try on some beautiful traditional clothes.

And they also have a great selection of fruits here.

You can also buy some delicious pastries that we like to call "fried market snacks".

If you want to visit it, you have to come on a Sunday, as it only works then.

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