Vegan and vegetarian guide to Vietnam

You would think that in Vietnam, the land of fish sauce and crazy meat dishes, finding vegan and vegetarian food is going to be a nightmare, but oh boy, would you be wrong!

Da Nang

Finding vegetarian/vegan food in Vietnam is just a simple search for the word ‘chay’ away. “Chay” means vegetarian food in Vietnamese.

Vietnam’s Buddhists represent 15% of the population and eat mostly vegetarian.

Not only will you find wonderful Vietnamese vegetarian food, but also plenty of restaurants offering western style vegetarian dishes.

Banh Mi

Banh Xeo

Banana Flower Salad

Tofu in tomato sauce

Morning glory (water spinach + garlic)

Braised tofu, mushroom, or eggplant

Mi Quang Chay

Spring and summer rolls

Banh Cuon

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