Writing Ethics

1. About the Shipped Away Travel Blog and its mission

Shipped Away is a travel blog curated by experienced travelers Arijana and Matej, tailored for independent globetrotters searching for reliable, firsthand insights on global destinations and experiences.

Our mission is to provide valuable recommendations and detailed accounts of our personal travel experiences to empower future travelers to plan their adventures with confidence and ease.

With a focus on authenticity and practicality, we share our passion for exploration through engaging stories, comprehensive guides, and insider tips. These will inspire and assist you in navigating must-visit spots and off-the-beaten-path gems.

2. The importance of writing ethics in travel blogging

On the Shipped Away Travel Blog, we only publish articles and guides about destinations we have personally visited and experienced.

In this way, we ensure transparency, accuracy, and respect for both the destinations we explore and the readers we aim to inform and inspire.

These writing ethics not only safeguard against misinformation but also enhance the integrity of our content.

3. How we combine personal travel experience with thorough research when writing travel guides

We believe in marrying personal travel experiences with thorough research to create authentic and reliable travel guides. By visiting destinations firsthand, we immerse ourselves in the local culture, uncover hidden gems, and provide genuine insights that resonate with our readers.

Our careful research before and after travel during the writing process complements our adventures, allowing us to offer extensive information on must-visit attractions, top activities, best transportation options, top-rated accommodations, must-try dining options, and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

We aim to provide readers of our blog not only the same experience we had in the destination they’re planning on visiting but a better one.

4. Transparency in disclosing sponsored content or partnerships

Transparency is a core value at the Shipped Away Travel Blog. When it comes to disclosing sponsored content or partnerships, we clearly identify any collaborations or sponsored posts as such. By being open about these relationships, we uphold our commitment to integrity and authenticity in all aspects of our content creation.

While some content might be sponsored, our opinions are and will always be our own. We provide our honest opinions on the products or services we promote.

In our commitment to offering exceptional travel guides for future travelers, we prioritize collaborating with brands and businesses we have personally vetted and trust to provide outstanding experiences.

By partnering with reputable companies, we aim to ensure our readers receive reliable recommendations and access to high-quality services during their travels. We build our partnerships on mutual trust and a shared dedication to enhancing our audience’s overall travel experience.

5. Providing accurate and up-to-date information by periodic thorough research and updating

Our dedication to providing accurate and up-to-date information for our readers is at the heart of our travel blog.

We can only ensure accuracy and up-to-date information through constant thorough research and regular updates of our articles. By staying informed about the latest developments and changes in the travel space in the destinations we write about, we empower our readers to make well-informed decisions when planning their trips.

Much like when we plan our travels, we always search for the latest information. We strive to ensure that our audience has access to the most reliable and relevant content, as well.

6. Balancing subjective experiences with objective facts in travel guides when recommending things to do, accommodation, activities, and services

Balancing personal (subjective) experiences with objective facts in our travel guides is a cornerstone of our content-creation process.

While we value and showcase our personal experiences to bring destinations to life, we also prioritize presenting objective facts and information to guide our readers effectively. This blend allows us to offer comprehensive travel guides that are both engaging and informative for a wide range of preferences and travel styles.

While this is no easy feat, we always include our personal experiences, opinions, and thoughts on the destinations, attractions, accommodations, tours, and activities we write about and promote.

When highlighting must-see places that may not have lived up to our expectations, we believe in transparency. By sharing our candid thoughts and reasons behind our perspectives, we allow readers to make informed decisions tailored to their preferences. After all, travel is inherently subjective, influenced by our feelings and tastes.

For example, imagine we visit a must-do attraction at some destination and feel it was underwhelming and a bit too overhyped afterward. In that case, we might still include it in our list of places to visit in that destination, but with a big disclaimer on why we personally wouldn’t recommend visiting or why you shouldn’t expect to spend too much time there and rather use it for something else.

By sharing our personal thoughts and why we think so, we allow you to decide for yourself whether you share these thoughts and will take our advice or choose not to.

For example, trying truffle chocolate in Croatia is a must for some, but it might not be for those who absolutely cannot stand the taste or smell of truffles. Another great example is our recommendation to try the famous durian ice cream while in Da Nang in central Vietnam. We personally loved it, but we accept the fact that many others might not. So we made sure to include that information so that if you’re not a fan of trying new funky foods, you skip it entirely.

We’re big fans of optimizing our travel itineraries and plans, so we always appreciate honest opinions from other travelers. Since the beginning, we have strived to include as many of them as possible in our travel guides.

7. Ethical considerations like animal abuse and promoting sustainable travel

At Shipped Away Travel Blog, ethical considerations are central to our travel guides. We are dedicated to advocating sustainable travel practices and shedding light on important issues such as animal abuse. We aim to offer readers enriching experiences while honoring the local environment and cultures we engage with.

We strongly oppose promoting animal tourism, particularly in many South East Asian countries. We believe in responsible tourism that does not exploit animals for entertainment purposes. Instead, we encourage our readers to support ethical wildlife sanctuaries and conservation efforts that prioritize the well-being of animals.

By prioritizing ethical considerations in our content, we aim to inspire travelers to make conscious choices that positively impact the places they visit and the creatures that inhabit them.

One such example is the Yok Don National Park, which implemented Vietnam’s first ethical elephant tourism model. We highly recommend it as an alternative to the otherwise full-of-abuse so-called sanctuaries, which are often far from it.

8. Respecting local cultures, traditions, and environments

We strive to portray destinations authentically, honoring the rich diversity of cultures and traditions that make each place unique.

We aim to encourage our readers to engage respectfully with local communities and their customs. One such experience is the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, where you can participate in local celebrations. Our complete guide about the festival teaches you how to participate in it in a way that respects the traditions and people. It’s also full of tips and recommendations from our time celebrating it in Koh Samui.

Furthermore, we are committed to promoting environmental conservation in our writing, whether by highlighting eco-friendly accommodations or encouraging sustainable practices while exploring.

9. Usage of images

Over 90% of images used on the Shipped Away Travel Blog are taken by us on the destinations we visited and wrote about. Sometimes, we might use a stock photo or two to portray some spots we might have missed or didn’t have the best conditions for taking nice photographs.

10. Accepting traveler feedback and learning from it

Engaging with the travel community and seeking feedback from readers are essential practices we follow at Shipped Away Travel Blog. Interacting with our audience allows us to gain insights into their preferences, interests, and experiences, which allows us to tailor our content to better meet their needs.

Readers are always free and encouraged to leave a comment on a post, whether it’s only to confirm that the information was helpful or that something has changed so that we can update it accordingly. Many of our essential updates came from our readers’ feedback.
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