With the goal of making our childhood dreams come true, we set off into the world to travel full-time and now..

We are Shipped Away



Travel Journalist and Content Creator

I’m Arijana, and I was born to be a journalist and storyteller. I’ve worked in student media and news channels the whole time through primary school up to university where I also got my master’s degree in Journalism.

For 2 years I worked in video production on various projects such as travel documentaries, rally shows, commercials, and promotional videos.

During this time, I also worked as an assistant and second camera for an American Emmy award-winning television producer and host.

Work took me around the world to countries such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, and Indonesia.

These travels made my life wish to travel through all the countries even stronger. As such after getting my master’s degree, I was finally able to make my first step towards that goal and started full-time traveling in January of 2020.



Software Engineer and Content Creator

I'm Matej, a Software Engineer with extensive experience in horticulture (go figure), as I grew up in a family of seedling growers.

After many years working side-by-side with my father I set off to start my own one-man-army business in which I worked for 2 years up until I met my soul mate on Tinder! I then fully dedicated to IT again to be able to travel the world and work remotely - one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’ve been dreaming of traveling the world since I was a kid, always telling everyone how I will see everything there is to see and that I won’t leave a single corner of the world unexplored.

Being very passionate about languages, I am an aspiring polyglot, wishing to learn the languages that are dear to me, currently eyeing to perfect Spanish & Indonesian.

I am most intrigued by Asian and South American culture and that is where I think my heart belongs.

After exploring Vietnam for a year and a half, we're back to Europe (for a short while)!