Relaxing Beach Escape at Anantara Mui Ne

Anantara Mui Ne is a stunning resort known as one of the few truly luxurious resorts in the area. What makes Anantara stand out is its wide, well-preserved sandy beach, big ocean-view infinity pool, and a beautiful pond with big trees all around.
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Anantara Mui Ne

A little bit about Mui Ne

Anantara Mui Ne is situated in the proximity of the traditional fishing village, which recently became known as a famous beach resort town. Its chilled vibe, excellent conditions for surfing and kite-surfing, and a long stretch of beach make it the perfect beach destination.

It’s also the best weekend getaway from Ho Chi Minh City (only 4 hours away).

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A warm welcome of cookies, tea, and a massage

Anantara Mui Ne has an incredibly warm welcome for its guests. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with honest smiles from all the staff and offered ginger tea and delicious coconut cookies. Interestingly, those cookies are freshly made each morning for the exact numbers of the guests arriving that day.  Rose told us that some of the guests wanted to buy these cookies, but it’s just not possible as they are given only on check-in. Luckily for me, Matej is vegan, so I got two instead of one!

On top of all of that, we also got a shoulder massage for relaxing. Anantara makes sure that you’re in that vacation mode straight away!

Welcome message in Garden Pool Villa at Anantara Mui Ne
Welcome message in Garden Pool Villa at Anantara Mui Ne
View of the Tu San Canyon

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A special surprise in our villa

We just checked in our villa, which I will describe in just a bit when we heard a bell. It was the lovely Anantara staff coming in with some treats. Such a thoughtful surprise, as we didn’t expect this at all! We got all kinds of cookies, juices, and dried ginger. If you know me, then you know how happy I got.

Everything was so delicious. I always struggle with finding some good cookies and cakes in Vietnam, so I was in heaven!

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Garden Pool Villa

We stayed in a garden pool villa with a beautiful dining pavilion where we spent most of our time. It had a small garden with a private pool and two sun-beds for sunbathing. The room was quite big, and I loved how it leads directly to the patio with a daybed where we even had breakfast one morning. You can jump in the pool straight from the patio!

Garden Pool Villa at Anantara Mui Ne
Garden Pool Villa at Anantara Mui Ne

The space in the villa was organized very well. The little hall between the bedroom and bathroom had closets with plenty of space. The working table was right behind the bed and was also equipped with small cabinets, finally a place where we could fit ALL our stuff.

Matej loved the coffee machine the most, because we got some really good complimentary coffee!

Now, let’s go to my favorite – al fresco bathroom with tub and rain shower. Although I’m more of a shower person, I couldn’t resist taking a dip in this massive stone bathtub, bath salts, and all.

Anantara Mui Ne Resort has 90 rooms, suites, and private pool villas, so there’s something for everyone. You can check all the options here.

Outside space at Anantara Mui Ne
Outside space at Anantara Mui Ne

It’s all about the little things

Anantara is known for its perfect service, and we can attest to that ourselves. It’s the small signs of attention we loved the most, one of them being the turndown service. I’m not going to lie; I loved that mainly because we’d get cakes every night! But they would also prepare our bed for sleeping and leave a little goodnight note. Which was, by the way, different every day. 😊

One morning we asked for an in-villa breakfast, and we got so much food! Not to mention that everything was arranged perfectly as always, so we had to take this opportunity to snap a few photos.

Couple enjoying breakfast in bed at Anantara Mui Ne
Breakfast at Anantara Mui Ne
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You’ll never be bored at Anantara Mui Ne

Anantara offers many activities such as a spa experience, fitness center, infinity swimming pool – our favorite, bicycle rides, and even yoga classes upon request. If you’re not interested in any of those, you can spend some time on the beach or have a drink at the flow bar.

Gym at Ananatara Mui Ne

Anantara has one of the best beaches in Mui Ne

Anantara has an incredibly wide, natural white sand beach. It’s one of the widest ones in Mui Ne. The resort is working hard to preserve it and fight against beach erosion, a big problem in Mui Ne and Vietnam in general. Unfortunately, we visited during the windy season, so we didn’t spend so much time on the beach as the wind was too strong. However, this was the perfect time for kite-surfing, and we saw many involved in this activity just a few steps from the resort. We don’t kite-surf (yet), so we just enjoyed watching them glide and fly over the sea.

For all the early birds, Anantara is a fantastic sunrise spot! And for that, I’d even recommend booking a beachfront villa or an ocean view room as you can enjoy stunning sunrises from your garden or window.  But again, we weren’t so lucky with the weather, so we didn’t experience that magical sunrise we saw on their Instagram profile.

Anantara Spa Experience

Matej and I both hate massages. We’re never relaxed, and often we’re in pain just waiting for it to be done. But lovely Rose convinced us to try one here, and she even made sure that I have her favorite therapist as I told her how I usually have a lot of back problems. We did an Anantara Signature Spa Experience for 60 minutes. Before that, we did a steam bath and had a foot massage. The best thing is that you can choose the massage’s strength, and if you have any problems, you mark it on the form beforehand.

Besides that, you also have many other spa treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc., so take your time choosing. I 100% recommend it. Honestly, the whole experience is fantastic, from the welcome tea, relaxing music, the massage itself, and a little snack and tea after. We felt so refreshed later!

Anantara Signature Massage at Anantara Mui Ne
Anantara Signature Massage at Anantara Mui Ne

Dining by Design

We don’t really do romantic dinners much, as we’re not really that type, but we gave it a try at Anantara. Dining by Design is their fine dining in a private setting. Mostly it’s held in a beautifully decorated setting on the beach or in your villa. You can choose between different menus or design your own in collaboration with the chef like we did as Matej is vegan, and I prefer vegetarian food.

It was the windy season when we visited, therefore having dinner on the beach wasn’t the best option as the sand was flying everywhere. That’s why Anantara prepared a special spot for us. Across their restaurant, there is a small grass area with a beautiful old tree decorated with lanterns. It looks stunning at night! They decided to try that spot for the first time, and we absolutely loved it! You’re far enough from the restaurant, so no other guests can hear you, and you’re not disturbed by anyone, especially if there’s not a lot of guests. I hope they will use this spot as one of the regular choices too!

Now let’s talk food…

Preparing vegan food for the chef was no problem at all! From the quinoa salad to the AMAZING soup from cucumber and broccoli to the great combo of mushrooms and potato chips, he rocked our world.

The cherry or rather coconut on top was the panna cotta with berries sauce served in a coconut shell. A ma zing!

The funny fact is that their chef cooked longer outside of Vietnam than inside, so he’s well equipped with all the various recipes and cuisines of the world. One time we even got served vegan caviar, which was a total surprise. We HAD to ask three times if it’s actually vegan because we were often left speechless by some of the incredible vegan foods that we got served in Vietnam. 

Breakfast at Anantara Mui Ne

We also can’t forget equally amazing breakfasts. Plenty of choices and delicious food. What is there not to like?

Even though there was no buffet breakfast when we were there, they still made it seem like there is one, as you could choose almost anything and as much as you wanted. The table was always filled with a rich breadbasket, fruits, juices, and other drinks (hot chocolate for Arijana & Cà phê đen/black coffee for Matej).

Breakfast at Anantara Mui Ne

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A resort with sustainability in mind

We care a lot about the environment and we can see that Anantara does too.

I love how they won’t change your sheet every day unless you request it. Honestly, I don’t think you need to change it every day, so I’d encourage you to do your part for the environment too. Small things matter. 😊

Anantara Mui Ne also has a lot of lush greenery all around, which makes it so refreshing during scorching days. They take excellent care of it, and they even have their own garden with fruits! Walking around the area, you’ll see jackfruit, dragonfruit, mango, etc. Amazing!

When they were building out the resort, they took great care and constructed it to do the least possible damage to the waterway. That also helped a lot with keeping their beach a bit more protected from erosion.

Must do’s while at Anantara Mui Ne

Infinity pool and flow bar – order a drink without even stepping out of the pool

Flow bar and infinity pool at Anantara Mui Ne

Try rowing the basket boat in their unique pond

Pond and greenery at Anantara Mui Ne

Chill on the beach loungers or hammock

Hammock on beach at Anantara Mui Ne

Wake up early and enjoy atleast one sunrise near the pool

Arijana Tkalčec at the infinity pool at Anantara Mui Ne

What to do around Anantara Mui Ne

We understand it’s easy to just stay in while in a resort like this, but take some time and explore some of the exciting spots that Mui Ne and Phan Thiet have to offer.

White Sand Dunes

The White Sand Dunes are about a 40 minute drive away and the best time to visit is for sunrise.

Red Sand Dunes

The Red Sand Dunes are only a 15 minutes drive away and the best time to visit is for sunset.

Surfing and kitesurfing

Mui Ne is the Vietnamese capital of surfing and kitesurfing and is the perfect spot for these activities. The kitesurfing lessons are done very close to the resort’s beach, and the best surf is at the Little Buddha surf spot, just a 10 minute walk away.


Book your surfing lesson: Mui Ne Local Surf School

View of the Tu San Canyon

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Mui Ne Fairy Stream

Enjoy a stroll through a shallow, ankle-deep water stream where you can observe the incredible natural formations formed by water from the red sand.

Fishing Village Market

Mui Ne is traditionally a fishing village, and you can still enjoy a part of its history and traditions in the daily morning fish market.

Ke Ga Lighthouse

Drive south for an hour, and you can reach the Ke Ga Lighthouse situated on a rocky island just off the coast of the Ke Ga Cape. You can take a boat to the island or just walk over during low tide.

Po Shanu Cham Towers

The area of Phan Thiet and the coastline up towards Da Nang was once part of the Champa Kingdom, and thankfully, some of their towers and temples are still around.

Read more about top things to do in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.

Check out our story highlights of Anantara Mui Ne on our Instagram!

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