Best Viewpoints in Phuket, Thailand in 2024

In this article, we cover all you need to know for visiting the best viewpoints in Phuket, from iconic landmarks like Big Buddha and Promthep Cape to lesser-known ones like Black Rock and Krating Cape Viewpoint. We'll provide information on how to get there, what to expect, and even some insider tips to make the most of your visit.
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Phuket in Thailand is known for its beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. But it is also quite a hilly island, offering superb panoramic viewpoints in almost every area. Plus, the great thing is that most viewpoints in Phuket are on the side of the road and make a great stop while exploring the island.

We’ve compiled a list of the best viewpoints in Phuket that are worth visiting on your trip to this sometimes misunderstood island in Thailand.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Black Rock Viewpoint Phuket

Phuket Travel Tips

First, before we jump into the best viewpoints in Phuket, let’s cover the essentials and tips to help you have a more fun, enjoyable, and safer trip to this fascinating island in Thailand.

Stay connected with an eSIM

Instantly connect to the internet on your arrival in Thailand by buying an eSIM package in advance.

Book trusted tours

Phuket is easy to explore on your own, but for some guided experiences, we recommend booking the top-rated ones on Viator or GetYourGuide.

A convenient way to explore Phuket while also saving money on attractions and tours is with the Klook Pass Phuket.

Getting around Phuket

The best way to get around Phuket is to rent a car or motorbike. You can also book a private driver for a day.

Otherwise, you can also use Grab and local buses to go between places.

Get travel insurance

While Phuket is a safe destination, we recommend getting travel insurance for any trip outside your country. We highly recommend an insurance package from Heymondo. And as our reader, you get 5% off the price.

ATM fees

Phuket still relies heavily on cash. So we recommend taking out a good amount each time you visit an ATM. Note: There is an 8.5 USD fee for each withdrawal (most Thai ATMs).

Get a Wise card to save money on additional conversion fees and ATM transactions from your bank.

Hotels in Phuket

The best areas to stay in Phuket are Phuket Old Town, Kata, and Karon.

Book your Phuket hotel in advance to secure the best deals: Check all hotel options.

Travel map

We have compiled a Best Viewpoints in Phuket Travel Map, which you can refer to when exploring.

Best viewpoints in Phuket

1. Laem Sing Viewpoint – Best Beach Viewpoint in Phuket

One of the best viewpoints in Phuket, Laem Sing Viewpoint, is situated between Kamala and Surin Beach and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Laem Sing Beach.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Laem Sing Viewpoint Phuket

From the cliffside pavilion, you see both Laem Singh Beach and Kamala in the distance. However, it’s important to note that there is no direct access from the viewpoint or its surroundings down to the beach.

Currently, the only way to reach Laem Singh Beach is by taking a boat or a short hike (around 15 minutes) from Surin Beach.

We unfortunately didn’t have time to visit the beach but it looked gorgeous and empty from the viewpoint.

This viewpoint is less busy than some others in Phuket, but due to its size, it can get crowded for sunset. We visited during the day and absolutely loved the view!

Laem Sing Viewpoint is free to visit and is open all day.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Laem Sing Viewpoint Phuket

2. Karon Viewpoint – Best Viewpoint in Phuket To See More Bays

Karon Viewpoint is one of the most visited viewpoints in Phuket. It’s also known as Three Bay Viewpoint as you get a great view of Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon beaches.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Karon Viewpoint Phuket, Three Bay Viewpoint

It’s a great short stop if you’re traveling between Karon and Nai Harn Beach, Promthep Cape, or Black Rock viewpoint, as you’ll pass right next to it.

There are also small shops selling refreshments and souvenirs, shaded pavilions, and toilets at Karon Viewpoint.

Karon Viewpoint is easily accessible by road and is only about a 5-10-minute drive from Kata and Karon and around 25 minutes from Phuket Old Town (depending on the traffic).

There is a free parking lot with some spaces for both cars and scooters. However, it tends to get quite busy during sunset time.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Karon Viewpoint Phuket, Three Bay Viewpoint

Karon Viewpoint is free of charge, and the best time to visit is during the sunset. However, it will also be the busiest during that time, especially in the high season. But it’s great to visit anytime.

Important: There is a guy with a captive eagle right at the entrance of Karon Viewpoint, selling photos to tourists posing with the eagle. Please don’t support it! Especially not in Phuket, which is unfortunately known for unethical animal treatment.

3. Big Buddha – Must Visit Viewpoint in Phuket

The Big Buddha is a must-visit attraction in Phuket. Sitting atop Nakkerd Hill, this magnificent 45-meter-tall marble Buddha offers breathtaking island views. 

Once you reach the top of the hill, you can climb the staircase leading up to the Big Buddha and admire its intricate design and 360-degree views.

Drone aerial view of the Big Buddha in Phuket Thailand, Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Big Buddha Viewpoint Phuket

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Visiting Phuket’s Big Buddha is free, and it’s open from 6 am until 6:30 pm, but you can easily walk around the temple grounds even outside these hours.

If possible, we recommend coming early in the morning or late in the day for a more peaceful visit.

Morning sunrise at Big Buddha Phuket Thailand, Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Big Buddha Viewpoint Phuket

Phuket’s Big Buddha is easily accessible from popular nearby tourist areas like Karon and Kata Beach in about 25 minutes, Phuket Old Town in 30 minutes, and just 15 minutes from Wat Chalong.

The best way to get to Phuket’s Big Buddha is by renting a car or motorbike or by a private van or car service, the most common way to visit. Plus, there are also many day tours to Big Buddha (including other attractions).


45 meter tall white marble Big Buddha Phuket, Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Big Buddha Viewpoint Phuket

There are always many monkeys around the temple at Big Buddha, so be mindful of your belongings! And please don’t touch or feed the monkeys!  

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Unfortunately, on the way up to the Big Buddha, you can see lots of elephants used for tourism. There will be many people offering you elephant rides or chances to interact with a baby elephant. And there is also a tiger park, which you should avoid.

We kindly ask you not to support animal tourism!

4. Samet Nangshe – Best Viewpoint in Phuket for Epic Views of Phang Nga Bay

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Thailand and one of the best things to do in Phuket.

Situated on a hilltop, Samet Nangshe Viewpoint offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the beautiful Phang Nga Bay – a bay full of numerous limestone karsts that rise out of the emerald-green waters surrounded by lush mangrove forests.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Samet Nangshe Viewpoint Phuket, best viewpoint in Phuket, Phang Nga Bay Viewpoint

While the Samet Nangshe viewpoint is technically not in Phuket but in Phang Nga province, it’s still one of the best things you can do from Phuket. However, it takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Phuket Old Town to the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Samet Nangshe Viewpoint Phuket, best viewpoint in Phuket, Phang Nga Bay Viewpoint

The highlight of a visit to Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is undoubtedly witnessing the sunrise. As the sun emerges from behind the horizon, its golden rays cast a magical glow over the bay, creating a picturesque scene that captivates all who witness it.

But the viewpoint is impressive anytime, especially on a clear sunny day!

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Samet Nangshe Viewpoint Phuket, best viewpoint in Phuket, Phang Nga Bay Viewpoint


The entrance ticket for Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is 30 baht ($0.85) for walking up or 90 baht ($2.55) for a round-trip car transfer.

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is open every day from 4 am until midnight.

Many day trips go to the viewpoint in a combined visit to James Bond Island and other highlights of Phang Nga Bay, and that’s precisely what we did on our first visit to Phuket.

We joined the Phuket Let’s Go Early Bird Tour, which hikes to the Samet Nangshe viewpoint for sunrise and then visits other highlights in Phang Nga Bay. We loved the small group, which avoided the crowds everywhere! 

If you’re looking for a place to stay that offers stunning views like this viewpoint, check out the Sametnangshe Boutique property just below this viewpoint.

Samet Nangshe Boutique Hotel, Best Viewpoints in Phuket

5. Windmill Viewpoint – The Most Picturesque Viewpoint in Phuket

Windmill Viewpoint is a picturesque viewpoint in Phuket with a stunning view of Yanui Beach on one side and Naiharn Beach on the other side. It got its name from a windmill located right next to it.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Windmill Viewpoint Phuket

What makes this viewpoint in Phuket even more special is that a takeoff spot for paragliders is right next to it. We enjoyed watching paragliders fly all around the viewpoint.

This is also the spot to try paragliding in Phuket! Find more info about it on

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Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Windmill Viewpoint Phuket, paragliding phuket

The viewpoint is located on a small hill between Naiharn Beach and Yanui Beach and is one of our favorite viewpoints in Phuket.

The area is pretty small, and there is only one shaded pavilion on a cliff from where you can admire the view and a small kiosk with some snacks and drinks.

Windmill Viewpoint is free of charge. There is no official parking lot there, but there’s lots of space for parking a car or a scooter. 

Visiting the Windmill Viewpoint on a tour:

The best time to visit Windmill Viewpoint is during the sunset, but it’s gorgeous anytime on a clear and sunny day. We visited in the late afternoon and loved it as it was pretty peaceful. It can get pretty busy during sunset, so keep that in mind!

6. Black Rock Viewpoint – Best Panoramic Viewpoint in Phuket

Black Rock Viewpoint is the most underrated viewpoint in Phuket, and hiking there is a really rewarding activity, especially for sunrise (a tip from a local!).

This Black Rock Viewpoint offers an amazing view of Promthep Cape, Nai Harn Beach, and small islands around Phuket.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Black Rock Viewpoint Phuket, hiking in Phuket


If you’re arriving for sunset, make sure to come an hour earlier to enjoy the view while there’s still light everywhere. For us, that was even better than the sunset itself, as the sun was setting a bit behind the hill, and we didn’t have the best view of it.

The dirt road leading to Black Rock Viewpoint is in bad shape, so we wouldn’t recommend going there with a car (unless you have 4WD). Going to Black Rock Viewpoint is best by motorbike, but only if you are more experienced.

If you can’t drive yourself, there is a transfer jeep for about 150 THB ($4) roundtrip per person, or you can walk the 2 km.

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Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Black Rock Viewpoint Phuket, hiking in Phuket, dirt road in jungle

The Black Rock Viewpoint hike should take no more than 15 minutes. The trail leads into the jungle and is about 200 meters long.

Note: Keep an eye out for snakes and centipedes!


For more adventurous people, we recommend hiking to Krating Cape, another incredible viewpoint in Phuket that offers a fantastic sunset view. The hike to the Krating Cape from Black Rock Viewpoint takes about an hour.

7. Krating Cape – Best Viewpoint in Phuket for Photography

Krating Cape, also known as Laem Krating, is another beautiful viewpoint in Phuket. This one is not much visited, and the hike is more adventurous.


Phuket Travel Guide

The 1.9 km Laem Krating Cape trail starts on Ao Sane Beach, next to the Baan Krathing Phuket resort, and is considered a moderately challenging route. It is pretty steep, and you need to help yourself with the rope in some spots, so keep that in mind.

The other way to get to Krating Cape is to continue the hike from the Black Rock viewpoint for about 1 km, which should take less than an hour.

While Krating Cape is less impressive than Black Rock Viewpoint, it is perfect for photographers, especially those interested in landscape and star photography, due to the area’s low light pollution.

You can visit Krating Cape anytime, but it’s the most beautiful towards sunset.

8. Promthep Cape – Best Viewpoint in Phuket for Sunset and Sea Views

Promthep Cape, located on the southernmost tip of the island, is a must-visit viewpoint in Phuket. It’s also known as the best sunset location in Phuket, offering picturesque panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. 

While you can stroll along Promthep Cape’s lookout point and enjoy the view from there, we recommend hiking down to the end of the cape. The views are beautiful, and you’ll avoid the crowds at least a bit.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Promthep Cape Viewpoint Phuket, hiking in Phuket

Hiking down to Promthep Cape’s tip will take about 30 minutes. The trail is around 1 km long, and some parts are steep and slippery, with tall grass around. But it’s not that bad if it’s dry weather and you wear shoes, not flip-flops.

Although you can visit Promthep Cape anytime, it is the most beautiful for sunset. However, we visited in the middle of the day and still loved it.

Another way to enjoy the sunset at Promthep Cape is on a sunset cruise:

9. Khao Rang Viewpoint – Best Viewpoint in Phuket Close to Old Town

The Khao Rang Viewpoint, located on Rang Hill, 140 meters above sea level, offers a great panoramic view of Phuket Old Town, Chalong Bay, the Big Buddha, and numerous small islands along Phuket’s eastern coastline.

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Khao Rang Viewpoint Phuket, View of Phuket Old Town

Aside from its picturesque views, Khao Rang Viewpoint also has restaurants serving delicious Thai cuisine and local street food stalls. Khao Rang Breeze, or Tunk-ka Cafe, has a beautiful setting where you can enjoy dinner while watching the sunset.

The best time to visit the Khao Rang viewpoint is late afternoon or early evening, when you can see a breathtaking sunset over Phuket. But that’s also when the viewpoint will be the most crowded as locals use this place to exercise. We visited around mid-day, and there were just a few other people there with us.

  • Check out this tour that includes Khao Rang Viewpoint together with Phuket Old Town, Wat Chalong, Big Buddha, Karon Viewpoint, and more!

Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Khao Rang Viewpoint Phuket, View of Phuket Old Town

Beware of the monkeys in this area, as they are known to be cheeky. Don’t feed them or try to touch them, as they are wild animals.

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Best Viewpoints in Phuket Thailand, Khao Rang Viewpoint Phuket, Monkeys sitting

Khao Rang Viewpoint is free of charge and is open all day.

Khao Rang Hill is only about a 10-minute drive from Phuket Old Town, and it’s easily accessible. The free parking is right in front of the observation deck. On the way, you can also stop at a small but beautiful local temple, Wat Khao Rang.

You can also walk to the viewpoint from Phuket Old Town, which should take about 30-40 minutes one way.

However, we’d only recommend visiting this viewpoint if you have some extra time in Phuket, as it’s not as impressive as some other viewpoints.

How to get around Phuket

Public transport in Phuket is not great, so you will have to either rent a motorbike or car, use taxis (we recommend ride-hailing apps like Grab), tuk-tuks, or book private transfers.

For exploring Phuket’s attractions, we highly recommend renting a car or even a motorbike if you’re a confident driver.

Otherwise, you can cross off most places in one day by booking a car with a private driver.

In some areas, you also have organized tuk-tuk and taxi services that have posted fixed-fare rides. For example, there was one of them right next to our accommodation in Karon Beach. You can always ask your hotel for information regarding these services.

Since 2023, there have also been talks to establish a more reliable public transportation service in Phuket, with more buses connecting the main areas.

Buses and public transportation in Phuket, Thailand, Exploring Best Viewpoints in Phuket by public transport

Where to stay in Phuket

The best place to stay in Phuket depends on what you want from your stay, as there are many distinct areas on the island offering different experiences.

Best areas to stay in Phuket:

  • Phuket Old Town – main city, history, architecture, food
  • Kata – gorgeous beach, lovely area full of restaurants and hotels
  • Karon – great beach, quieter and great for families/couples
  • Surin – beautiful beaches with nearby luxury stays
  • Kamala – relaxed with a great beach
  • Patong – extremely touristy, famous for nightlife
  • Bang Tao – incredibly long beach, lots of space, all-inclusive hotels
  • Mai Khao – longest beach in Phuket, peaceful, nice resorts, nearby airport
  • Rawai – more local area, great nearby beaches, boats leave here for the south islands

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