Rock climbing at Railay Beach Krabi (Honest Review & Guide)

After trying rock climbing at Railay Beach Krabi, we wrote this guide with first-hand tips and everything you need to know.
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About Railay rock climbing

Rock climbing is a very popular activity in Thailand, and Railay Beach Krabi is one of the best spots for rock climbing for both advanced climbers and beginners. It has become a mecca for rock climbers from around the world. 

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No wonder, as impressive limestone cliffs, stunning views of the turquoise waters, and lush greenery make the climbing even more enjoyable. We can personally confirm that, as we did our first rock climbing ever right here at Railay! We didn’t have any previous climbing experience, but we absolutely loved it.

Here is our experience and all the tips!



  1. Half-Day Rock Climbing
  2. Full-Day Rock Climbing


$$$ Railay Bay Resort and Spa – tropical-style cottages, beachfront pools, and a massage service at the spa.
$$ Railay Phutawan Resort – well-equipped rooms and a stunning sea view from the bar and pool.
$ Railay Garden View Resort – rustic stay in its hillside bungalows

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Our rock climbing experience in Railay Krabi

We always wanted to try rock climbing but never had a chance until arriving in Krabi. While we didn’t have any prior rock climbing experience, Railay Beach Thailand offers many rock climbing routes suitable for beginners, so we decided to give it a go!

We joined this rock climbing tour and can highly recommend it, as we had a blast!

Good to know: Most of the rock-climbing tours in Krabi are a mix of different skilled climbers (from beginner to intermediate). The groups are usually small, so the guides adjust climbing routes to your needs. 😊

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With experienced guides and top-notch equipment available, you can feel safe and confident tackling different challenging routes. Our guide gave us instructions to help us climb easier but also gave us enough space to try things independently.

I, Arijana, even slipped and fell at one part, but, of course, the guide caught me right away. While it sounds scary, it was really not (at least for me). It was more frustrating as I had to climb one harder part again!

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Our rock climbing tour experience

We chose a morning tour from Krabi and went to the meeting point, where we got equipped with all the gear needed (rock climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk, etc.).

This tour includes a pick-up from your hotel, but since we wanted to stay at Railay Beach longer and not return with them, we drove to the meeting point ourselves.

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After that, we went to the pier, where we took a longtail boat to Railay Beach (also included in the price) and then walked to Phra Nang Beach.

The climbing wall right next to Phra Nang Princess Cave, one of the best rock climbing walls in Krabi, was our rock climbing spot for the day. Such a cool location.

railay rock climbing travel guide, review of railay beach rock climbing

We had a short briefing to learn the basics, put all the equipment on, and started climbing. 

Each of us made about 4 climbs. You have breaks while waiting for others to finish their turn.

The whole tour lasted about 4 hours, and there were 4 of us in the group (not counting the guide).

After climbing, we had the option to stay at Railay Beach or return to Ao Nang and the hotel. We chose to stay.

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Tour inclusions

This rock climbing tour that we did includes:

  • pick-up and drop-off from your hotel
  • return transport to Railay
  • all the rock climbing equipment needed
  • knowledgeable guide
  • small group
  • free cancellation

Half-day or full-day rock climbing tour?

Even though we really wanted to book this full-day rock climbing tour that goes to different rock climbing spots in Railay Beach Thailand, we opted for a half-day one (check it out here).

Since this was our first time rock climbing, we wanted to try it first and see how we liked it. It was a smart decision in the end!

Even though we really enjoyed rock climbing in Railay, Thailand, we felt that a full-day tour would have been a bit too much for us at the beginning. We were already super spent and tired by the end of our tour, so anything more would have been too much. We had a Muay Thai class (can highly recommend) a day prior, so our energy was already spent. 

However, we’re definitely coming back for a full-day one. 😀

But, if you are generally more fit or did some climbing, opting for a full-day tour is recommended as you experience more!

rock climbing railay thailand

Rock climbing Railay beach price

The price of rock climbing in Railay Thailand is around 35-45 USD for a half-day tour and around 65-75 USD for a full-day tour.

Different levels of difficulty for rock climbing routes at Railay Beach

Rock climbing at Railay Beach in Krabi offers a variety of routes catering to different levels of difficulty, making it an ideal destination for climbers of all skill levels. 

The routes range from easy climbs suitable for beginners or people without any prior climbing experience (like us 😀) to more challenging routes that will test even the most seasoned climbers. 

rock climbing routes railay thailand
The route with the hole is the one we couldn’t conquer 😩 (this time!)

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Recommended Experiences

Top rock climbing spots in Railay Beach Krabi

The best rock climbing spots in Krabi and Thailand are located at Railay (also know as Rai Leh) and Tonsai Beach.

Some of the must-try spots for rock climbing at Railay Beach include Phra Nang Cave, known for its challenging overhangs and breathtaking views, and 123 Wall, which offers a mix of beginner to advanced routes. 

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, the Humanality route at Tonsai Tower is popular due to its technical challenges and exposed sections. Usually, Tonsai Beach is perfect for more advanced climbers.

There are many more rock climbing spots in the area, but these are the most popular.

For example, our guide on a snorkeling cruise to Four Islands climbed one wall on Koh Poda (without equipment!). It was epic!

rock climbing poda island krabi, rock climbing spots thailand
Our guide on snorkeling cruise to Four Islands – pro climber 💪🏼

IMPORTANT: As a popular climbing destination, Railay Beach faces challenges such as environmental degradation and overcrowding. To minimize the impact on the delicate ecosystem and local community, climbers are encouraged to follow Leave No Trace principles, respect wildlife and vegetation, and use designated climbing routes.

Tips for beginners looking to try rock climbing at Railay Beach

If you’re a beginner looking to try rock climbing at Railay Beach in Krabi, there are some essential tips to keep in mind. 

Firstly, we recommend booking a session with a reputable guide or climbing school to ensure your safety and receive proper instruction. This is the best company in Krabi for rock climbing, and we highly recommend booking with them. 

Additionally, make sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement.

Always stay hydrated and bring along some snacks for energy during your climb.

Lastly, enjoy the experience and take in the breathtaking views of Phra Nang Beach in Railay as you challenge yourself on the rocks. Matej climbed the top of one of the climbing walls at one point, but he was so tired by the time he got up that he didn’t take enough time to appreciate the awesome view. Don’t repeat his mistake! Take it easy. 😀

best rock climbing thailand, rock climbing railay travel guide
You can see this view if you turn around a bit while climbing. 😍

The best time for rock climbing at Railay Beach

Rock climbing in Railay Thailand is possible all year round.

However, the best times of the year for rock climbing at Railay Beach are during the dry season, which typically runs from November to April. This period offers ideal weather conditions with lower chances of rain, making it safer and more enjoyable for climbers. 


Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) takes place in April. During this time, water fights are organized all over the country.

The months of December to March are considered peak season, so if you prefer fewer crowds, you may want to consider visiting outside of these months. 

Book your hotel in Krabi to secure the best deal!

Keep in mind that weather patterns can vary. In case of bad weather, your rock climbing tour may be canceled, in which case you will usually receive a refund or an option to reschedule.

👉🏼 Check tour availability.

We did rock climbing in Railay at the end of May. We had a nice and cloudy day which also meant it wasn’t super hot and there was no scorching sun. That made climbing much easier!

railay beach rock climbing travel guide

Activities and attractions in Railay Krabi after rock climbing

Railay Beach area offers lots of things to do: from stunning viewpoints to hidden lagoons, snorkeling and kayaking opportunities, beautiful beaches, caves and more. That’s why we highly recommend staying here after you finish climbing, just like we did.

Here is a list of things to do in Railay Beach Krabi after rock climbing:

  • Enjoy Phra Nang Beach (relax, kayak, paddle board…)
  • Check out Phra Nang Princess Cave
  • Climb East Railay Viewpoint
  • Climb Bat Cave & Viewpoint
  • Eat at Railay Walking Street

Check our complete Railay Beach Travel Guide for more things to do and all the information you need before visiting.

Accommodation options near Railay Beach

The best areas to stay in Krabi are Ao Nang or Railay Beach. To secure the best deals, we recommend booking in advance.

Our reccommended hotels in Railay Krabi:

$$$ Railay Bay Resort and Spa – tropical-style cottages, beachfront pools, and a massage service at the spa.
$$ Railay Phutawan Resort – well-equipped rooms and a stunning sea view from the bar and pool.
$ Railay Garden View Resort – rustic stay in its hillside bungalows


Where to stay in Krabi, Thailand - Best Krabi Hotels - Best areas to stay in Krabi - Best Budget Krabi Accommodation - Best Krabi Resorts

Read our complete Where To Stay in Krabi guide to help you decide which area is the best choice for you, plus recommendations of the best hotels.

Is rock climbing in Railay worth it?

If you ask us, rock climbing is one of the best activities to do in Railay Thailand. 🙂

The climbing routes in Railay Krabi vary from easy to difficult, making it the perfect place in Thailand to try this awesome activity.

We had never rock climbed before (not even indoors), but we still really enjoyed learning the basics and trying to conquer all the routes our guide put before us. It’s great that he followed each of our capabilities but also challenged us at the same time. This is the tour we joined, and we can highly recommend it! We had a blast!

So, yes, rock climbing in Railay is absolutely worth it!

best company for rock climbing krabi, railay thailand rock climbing travel guide

Frequently asked questions

Who can go rock climbing in Krabi?

Anyone can go rock climbing in Krabi. There’s no need to have prior experience, as many rock climbing guides can lead you through the process. You just need to be somewhat fit to spend a few hours climbing.

What is the price of rock climbing in Railay, Thailand?

The price of Railay rock climbing tours ranges from 35-45 USD for a half-day tour to 65-75 USD for a full-day tour.

Can I go rock climbing if I’m scared of heights?

This depends on how much you are scared of heights. Matej is somewhat scared but managed to rock climb without any problem. If you are terrified, you probably shouldn’t go, but as long as your fear is manageable, you should be fine. You can’t really fall as the guides are there to catch you with the rope if you slip, so you can’t fall all the way down. It’s very safe if you go with a reputable company like this one.

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