Hike To The Top Of Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls is a perfect place for all the adventurers out there. It is the 2nd highest waterfall in Sri Lanka which offers spectacular views once you reach the top. But not just that, you can relax bathing in one of the many natural pools. The best one is the one where you can see all the surroundings and the pool is basically on the cliff.
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Arijana & Matej
Arijana & Matej

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How to get to Diyaluma Falls?

Diyaluma Falls is located in the Badulla region. We drove with the scooter for about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Ella to reach the main waterfall viewpoint. There we hired a guide to take us to the waterfall. It’s said that wild elephants sometimes roam around, so we didn’t want to encounter one on our own. You can easily do this hike without a guide, but this time we didn’t want to risk it.

From there we drove for another 20 minutes until we reached the starting point for the waterfall hike.


You can also visit Diyaluma Falls as part of an organized tour of Ella.

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Top of Diyaluma Waterfall in Sri Lanka

How long should I stay at Diyaluma Falls?

We were offered two different hikes. One was a tougher and steeper one, and the other was shorter and easier. We chose an easy trail, so it wasn’t a hike, it was more of a walk. As the trail is easy, anyone can do it.

During your hike, you can see multiple small waterfalls and natural pools. It’s one of those places for which you have to save the whole day if you want to enjoy it properly.

It took us only 25 minutes of moderate walk to reach the first set of pools, the most impressive ones.  They are cascading towards the edge of the cliff, and when they reach the edge, they fall into one final pool (the best one for bathing and enjoying in natural waterfall massage). From that pool, the water is crashing 191 meters into the pool, far below. It’s impossible to see that from that point, but you can peek over the edge to see a small part of it. But be careful!

Top of Diyaluma Falls in Sri Lanka

After chilling there, we continued following upper falls to reach the top of them. It takes only around 10-15 minutes to reach them. All the way you’re passing next to the water so you can stop whenever to refresh yourself. The upper falls are suitable for jumping too (if you’re into that) as the pool is deep enough, and there are no rocks in the water.

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What should I take to Diyaluma Falls?

  • Swimming suit
    There are many spots for bathing and refreshing so you don’t want to forget your swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Suncream
  • Comfy shoes
  • Plenty of water

Tip: You can buy fresh coconuts and all kinds of drinks at the top for refreshment, but we recommend taking plenty of water with you as well.

What is the entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee if you’re hiking by yourself. However, you’ll probably need to pay a parking fee for your scooter. It should be around 100 LKR (~0.5$).

The price of the guide should be around 625 LKR (~3,37$).

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Arijana & Matej
Arijana & Matej

Full-time travelers, photographers, bloggers and travel journalists.

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