Review of MedSailors Croatia Discovery: A Week Sailing from Split

In this review, we detail and share our experience aboard the MedSailors Croatia Discovery Route, where groups of 20 to 35-something-year-olds sail for one exciting week from Split.
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Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

The attraction of sailing in Croatia: Is it worth it?

Sailing is one of the best things to do in Croatia, and it’s something we’ve always wanted to do. But of course, chartering our own private sailboat is outside our budget, as is for many.

Luckily, that’s where organized Croatia sailing trips come in, offering everything we would want, with the added benefit of being quite affordable when you look at the list of things you get.

Our first proper sailing trip (not counting a day trip we did in Koh Samui, Thailand) was on the MedSailors Croatia Discovery route, starting from Split.

The trip itinerary and package we detail in this article costs upwards of 900 USD, depending on the room type. And it includes 6 nights of staying on a yacht, a professional skipper, breakfasts and lunches, a stand-up paddleboard, and lots of fun.


Sailing from Split with MedSailors was our first time experiencing the islands of Croatia. And this is how we want to do it from now on! It’s an experience we will cherish forever.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Are Sailing trips in Croatia just for partying?

While most people connect sailing in Croatia with lots of partying, that doesn’t mean it’s always the case.

When you book a sailing trip by MedSailors, you express your personal preferences about the types of activities you want to do (no activity, lots of activity, no party, lots of partying). Then the MedSailors team allocates you to a boat with like-minded individuals.

For example, our boat was comprised of people wanting the best of both worlds, lots of sun, and water activities, but also a bit of going out for food and drinks. And they matched us perfectly!

Read more on trip customizations later in the article.

On the other hand, another boat or two in our flotilla (a fleet of boats), had groups of people who loved partying and drinking. So it was perfect for them as well. And they seemed to have a great time.

So, while you can definitely party a lot on your sailing trip in Croatia, you can also simply relax while sunbathing and swimming to your heart’s content.

And for those really wanting to explore all the spots you go to, you can rent a motorbike or even a car and go around by yourself.

Highlights of the Croatia Discovery Route

Below, you will find our detailed review of the route and experiences. But first, here is a list of the highlights from our trip.

MedSailors Croatia Discovery Highlights:

  • Experiencing beautiful bays from the yacht
  • Strolling through historical towns and villages
  • Enjoying delicious ice cream
  • Tasting fantastic food
  • Jumping off the yacht into crystal clear sea
  • Living on a boat for a week
  • Hanging out with like-minded people
  • Ziplining

MedSailors Croatia Discovery Route Itinerary

Before we jump into the detailed review of the Croatia Discovery Route by MedSailors that we did, please note that due to weather conditions, some things can change around.

However, it rarely happens, as seas in this part of the Mediterranean are usually very calm, and the weather is stable during the times when these sailing trips happen.

For example, on our second morning, we had to abruptly leave Vis town for Hvar much sooner than expected, as a storm with strong winds was coming in.

This also meant that we could no longer dock in Palmižana at Paklinski Islands near Hvar. Instead, we had to spin around the whole island to arrive at Vrboska, Hvar, where we stayed for a total of two nights instead of the planned one.

So, yes, we missed out on docking at Paklinski Islands, but we got to experience rough seas with some pretty nasty waves (at least for this area of the Mediterranean 😁). Our skipper Jack said we became sailors that day. Yes, yes, we did.

Now, let’s jump into the experiences we had!

Day one: Trogir to Šolta/Brač

Day one starts by arriving at the MedSailors check-in booth at Marina Baotić in Trogir between 12:00 and 14:00, and then by 15:00, you will board your assigned boat. The exact time of check-in will always be sent to you in the days leading up to your trip.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

We arrived at around 12:30 and then had enough time to go to the toilet, as well as hit the store for some first-day snacks.

At 14:00, our skipper came to the check-in booth, and then we walked to our yacht, Amroth. We dropped our bags in our cabins and also had a safety and general briefing.

And that was it, it was time to sail away!

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

The first and last stop of the first day was Bobovišća on Brač island, about 2 hours drive away.

It was a cute little village where, towards the sunset, we enjoyed swimming in the water, paddling around on the paddle board, and just getting to know each other.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

And, to finish the day, we had a delicious dinner at Konoba Kogula.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Day two: Vis

Day two of the Croatia Discovery Route with MedSailors started very early, just after sunrise. After a 4 to 5-hour drive to Vis, the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Vis is an ex-military island and one of the top things to do on Vis is to check out the old Yugoslav Underground Boat Shelter and other similar structures. And our first stop was in the stunning Rogačić Bay right next to it.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

We spent most of the afternoon swimming and paddleboarding in the bay. And we also managed to use the paddleboard to get inside the boat shelter.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery
Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

After a fun few hours, we left for the nearby cute town of Vis, the main settlement of the island, and docked in its marina.

Some of us rented scooters and checked out the nearby Fort George before driving up the hills above Vis town to reach Stončica beach. As the weather wasn’t the best, and we had plenty of swimming that day, we didn’t bathe there, but otherwise, it’s a great spot!

And we also did a short stroll through the east part of Vis town, called Kut, and stopped for some delicious ice cream. We got the lavender ice cream at Slatki Kut, and it was DELICIOUS. You have to try it!

Afterward, we had a punch party organized by MedSailors as a way to connect with other boats and make some new friends.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

To finish off the day, we had dinner at the Mamma Mia restaurant. We all ordered something different and were all happy with our food.

Did You Know?

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” film was filmed on Vis Island, and there are plenty of filming locations you can check out on your visit. Click here to see a list. In Vis town specifically, the spots are Trg Karolina, Pirovo Peninsula, and Vis Ferry Harbour.

Day three: Hvar

Continuing the story from the day before, the weather got progressively worse throughout the night while sleeping on the boat in Vis town.

So early morning, right after sunrise, the whole group of MedSailors boats decided to skip breakfast and head out to Hvar as soon as possible.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Many boats stayed docked for longer inside our planned marina at Paklinski Islands, as it was not safe for them to move. So we could no longer go dock there.

Instead, we sailed for about 6 hours to Vrboska, a cute little village on the north side of Hvar, where the waters were calmer.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

After about 15 minutes since exiting the Vis marina, our paddleboard got knocked off the boat when we hit a wave. The wind was really strong, and somehow, even though it was properly secured, it just flew off.

And after 5 more minutes, a part of our boat’s rain protectors on the side of the lounge area flew off.

None of this was at the fault of our wonderful skipper Jack, but just a consequence of sailing in a bit worse conditions. According to Jack, we were the unlucky ones to have been sailing on one of the TWO days like that out of the 4 months of trips he’s done in Croatia this year.

We were a bit traumatized by the loss of our paddleboard but were otherwise unharmed. And Matej was the only one who vomited, so it’s all good!

While it was a rough and very tiring day for all of us, it was also kind of a highlight of our sailing experience. 😅


Sailing in the Mediterranean is VERY safe, and the sea is calm. Every once in a while, you get these bad days, but remember that these sailboats are designed to go through far worse, proper high waves and rough seas. So no cause for worry there. ✔

After arriving in Vrboska, we went for a swim to “Sandy Beach” which actually was mostly sandy, except for some rocks here and there.

At 4 PM, all of the MedSailors boats boarded a free shuttle bus towards Hvar town, which dropped us off above the town at the Fortica Fortress, which offers the best views of Hvar town and Paklinski islands.


The entrance ticket to the Fortica Fortress above Hvar costs 10 euros. But you can get really nice views just outside of it, as well.

From there, our group descended down to Hvar town for some delicious food at Fig Hvar. We had the veggie burger, and it was hands down one of the best veggie burgers we had.

We strolled around the town, watched the sunset near the marina, and then finished the day off with some ice cream before getting a taxi back to Vrboska with another couple from our boat.

This was the night when could have gone out to party in Hvar, which is famous for its parties. But we had a more chill night, which, after the rough ride to the island, felt great. However, anyone interested was invited by the MedSailors team to join them at the famous Kiva bar and then afterward at Club Seven.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Day four: Vrboska, Hvar

On day four, we had the whole day of free time to either go around Hvar or chill in Vrboska and the surrounding area.

We didn’t feel like going around too much, so right after breakfast, our skipper Jack took us out with the boat to the nearby bay for some swimming and relaxing. And we also had our lunch right there.

Some from our boat rented scooters right in Vrboska and went to explore around, which is a great way to see a bigger area.

Just before sunset, we all went to Hora Hvar for olive and wine tasting, as well as a well-deserved dinner of traditional Peka.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

While we’re not the biggest wine enthusiasts, nor do we know how to recognize the difference between similar wines, we still enjoyed the experience. Our favorite was the white wine, which seemed to be the favorite of most in our group.

Hora Hvar is a unique restaurant set in between the beautiful vineyards of the Stari Grad Plain and is trying to preserve the traditions of the area. Their location is absolutely stunning!

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Day five: Vrboska to Makarska

Day five started by heading out to the bay just outside Vrboska that we were at the day before for some morning swims and breakfast.

After breakfast, we had plenty of time to swim around and have fun before we headed towards Makarska.

The drive to Makarska from Vrboska was not that long, as it was maybe 2 hours before we reached our first stop right outside Makarska Beach, where we had some time to swim around.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

This is where Matej learned to dive into the water from the boat after never trying it before in his life. Thanks to the wonderful group for their support!

Afterward, we moved places and went to dock right on the Makarska Riviera.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Makarska is known as a kind of adventure capital, and some of the things you can do there are zip lining, parasailing, canyoning, and rafting.

Some people chose parasailing, but our whole group and most others went for ziplining in Tučepi, which was super fun! We performed tricks/acrobatics and had a blast.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

The thing we loved the most was that you didn’t have to brake yourself while ziplining. That was perfect for us, as it was our first zipline. So we could enjoy it 100% without having to worry about anything.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

After ziplining, we reserved a table at Tavern Kalalarga, famous for its seafood menu, but we also got to try two fabulous vegetarian pastas, one with cheese and another with tomato sauce. Both amazing!

Even though we weren’t shown an actual menu while ordering, as they usually serve freshly caught fish, we were surprised with the acceptable prices. And the portions were great!

To end the night, we did what Makarska is also known for. We went to a party at Deep Makarska, a club set inside a cave that opens out to the beach. It was recommended by the MedSailors team. And while it’s not the best club we’ve been at, it was an interesting setting and we had fun.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Day six: Makarska to Brač

On our last full day after waking up in Makarska, we headed out for Brač Island.

Our first stop on Brač was in a nice bay. It was perfect for dropping the anchor and doing what we did best on this trip: swim around, jump in the water, and, of course, have our lunch.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

This was also the spot where we had the famous paddleboard race. 

The paddleboard race done by MedSailors is when every boat picks a group of five people to race with a paddleboard against all other boats.

The rules were pretty simple: get from one boat to another and return the fastest. And don’t fall off the paddleboard or get detached from it. Otherwise, you’re disqualified.

We came in third out of four participating boats, but we’re still proud of our achievement and how we performed!

After all, we didn’t have our paddleboard for the last few days on the boat (remember how it flew away on the way from Vis to Hvar?). We got one just seconds before the race, so we didn’t manage to come up with the best strategy. 😅

And we were a mixed group of not-super-fit people, racing against some obviously good surfers from Australia. We saw how good they were the moment they were approaching the start line, as their strokes were synchronized. And it looked like they absolutely knew what they were doing. Props to them!

Usually, there is also a game where you need to run straight on top of five paddleboards connected together without falling down. However, due to the day that we lost to rough seas, we didn’t get a chance to try that. Maybe next time!

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

After a fun-filled morning and a nice lunch, we left for Supetar, the main tourist and transportation center of the island Brač.

There, we had a few hours to go around the town, take in the view of the beautiful architecture and, of course, enjoy some delicious ice cream.

As this was going to be our last night on the trip, a farewell cocktail party was organized. We all got some welcome drinks (shots), and then a few words were spoken to recap the week. And the winner of the best photo posted from the trip that week was also announced.

Did You Know?

MedSailors often have these great competitions and challenges.

So for example, if you go on a trip, and get a really good photo and apply for their competition, you can maybe win a free trip!

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

For dinner, we went to the quite famous restaurant Peperoncin, known for great pizzas. Please note that this restaurant gets very busy in the evening, so prepare to wait a bit for a table or try reserving it in advance.

And to finish the night, we went for a cocktail at Hotel Osam Rooftop Bar

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Day seven: Brač to Trogir

We wished the last day of our sailing wouldn’t come, but it did. On our last morning, we left Brač quite early as on the way back to Trogir, we also stopped at a cool spot south of Čiovo island.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery
Leaving Supetar.

We had a few hours to chill on the boat or swim around, which was the perfect way to finish off the amazing trip we had.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

And that was that. The trip was finished. The only thing left to do was to pack our bags and leave the boat in Trogir’s marina.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery


If you’re coming to Trogir/Split by car and want to leave it somewhere during your MedSailors trip (if you’re going on the “Split-Split” route detailed in this article), then you can park at one of the weekly parking spots right outside the Trogir Baotić Marina.

We parked at Private Parking Marko for 30 euros for the whole week. They’ve got security cameras and always somebody on site. So we felt safe leaving some stuff in the car. Although mostly clothes as we took all our gear and electronics with us.

Who are MedSailors sailing trips in Croatia for?

MedSailors sailing trips in Croatia are catered to 20-35 year-olds and are great for groups, couples, and solo travelers on boats accommodating between 8 to 10 people.

What makes MedSailors stand out are their great group matching, well-organized trip itinerary, and great-value-for-money trips to some of Croatia’s best seaside spots.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Insight into the accommodation and amenities onboard

MedSailors offers a variety of yacht options to suit different preferences and group sizes. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience or a more budget-friendly option, there is a yacht that will meet your needs.

No matter which type of yacht you choose with MedSailors, you can be assured of comfort, safety, and an unforgettable sailing experience along some of the most stunning coastlines in the world.

List of MedSailors Yachts

Monohull yachts like the Premier and Superior Yachts offer the most authentic sailing experience, while catamarans offer more space and a more luxurious experience.

MedSailors Fleet - Croatia Discovery: Sailing in Croatia from Split

Premier Yacht

MedSailors Premier Yachts feature a sunbathing deck, a swimming platform for jumping in the sea, and a cozy dining area where you can enjoy delicious meals while taking in stunning views.

  • 8-10 Guests
  • 4-5 cabins / 2-3 bathrooms
  • Social and dining area
  • Sunbathing deck
  • Onboard sound system
  • Swimming platform
  • Cabin fans
  • USB charging sockets

Superior Yacht

MedSailors Superior Yachts are spacious and designed to provide an elevated yachting experience with an extra-large social and dining area, a great onboard sound system, a sunbathing deck, and a large swimming platform.

  • 10-11 Guests
  • 5-6 double or twin cabins
  • 3-4 bathrooms
  • Large social and dining area
  • Sunbathing deck & loungers
  • 360 sound system
  • Large swimming platform
  • Cabin fans
  • USB charging sockets

Premier Catamaran

For those seeking a more luxurious travel experience, MedSailors Premier Catamarans are the perfect choice with features like a sunbathing net, spacious deck, and larger living areas, offering an elevated level of comfort and style.

  • 8 Guests
  • 4 double cabins
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Large social and dining area
  • Onboard sound system
  • Large swimming platform
  • Cabin fans
  • USB charging sockets

Superior Catamaran

If you’re someone who appreciates luxury, then MedSailors Superior Catamarans are the perfect choice for you. Not only do they offer exquisite comfort, but they also come with an onboard host to cater to your needs.

The en-suite cabins ensure your privacy, and the AC keeps you cool throughout your journey. Expect nothing short of an exceptional hospitality experience aboard these catamarans.

  • 8 Guests
  • 4 Ensuite Double Cabins
  • Skipper AND Professional Host
  • Cabin & communal area AC
  • Large social and dining area
  • Sunbathing deck & loungers
  • Onboard sound system
  • Large swimming platform
  • USB charging sockets

Yacht cabin amenities

Depending on the yacht, there are different types of rooms as well: single beds, bunk beds, double beds, and double beds with ensuite bathrooms.

We were in the Superior Yacht with a private bathroom. The cabin had little room above the bed, but we didn’t have a problem with that. At the end of the cabin, behind the bed is where we had stored all of our belongings.

The beds were actually super comfortable and we had a great sleep. Even on the night in Vis when the boat was swaying left and right!

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Bathrooms and showers

Depending on your room type, you might have your own bathroom with a toilet and shower, or you will share one with others. There is also a shower/hose on the back of the boat, so you can wash yourself off after a swim.

On one night in Makarska, we also had a bathroom pass with proper showers and toilets that we could use.

Power and charging electronics

There is power onboard most of the time, as the boats will be docked in a marina and connected to shore power or have engines on while en route.

For one or two nights, you might be docked in a small bay, so there won’t be power overnight. That’s why it’s super useful to have a power bank with you and to charge everything when you have power (in the marina or while sailing).

But don’t worry, you’ll be informed about all of this in advance.

Social and dining area

Our Superior Yacht had a big shared social and dining area with two big tables. And the tables could also be turned into a nice laying area.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

And the kitchen with fridges you could use to store your drinks or snacks was in a small protected area.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Bow – the front part of the boat

The front of the yacht had a dinghy on top which we used as our sunbathing spot. 😀 But there was also enough space around to lay down and chill.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Clothes drying

For drying towels, swimming suits, and anything that got wet during the trip, we used the lines on the side or front of the sailboat.


If you can, take some plastic clothespins/clothes pegs/clips with you. There will be some on the boat but not enough if you have a lot of stuff to dry. And you don’t want your stuff to fly away. 😅

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

Are there any additional costs involved?

MedSailors Croatia Discovery trip inclusions:

  • 7 days accommodations (6 nights)
  • Breakfast and lunch every day
  • Stand-up paddleboard
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Drinking water
  • Professional skipper
  • Comfortable bed (linens and towels included)

MedSailors Croatia Discovery trip extras and additional costs:

  • 120 euro one-time payment of local tax (tourist tax, marina fee, fuel)
  • Extra activities and excursions like ziplining, parasailing, quad biking, scooter rental, wine tasting, etc.
  • Spending money for dinners and drinks offboard

Trip customization options

While the itinerary is set by MedSailors, there are two main things for you to choose for your trip. And that’s informing them of your food preferences and/or allergies and the type of people you would like to get matched with.

Food options

MedSailors sailing trips in Croatia can accommodate most people’s dietary requirements, including vegetarians and vegans.

On this trip, we ate vegetarian, and our skipper, Jack, prepared great vegetarian dishes.

Choose your group of travelers

The most important thing to do after booking your MedSailors sailing trip in Croatia is to specify what kind of a person you are and what kind of a trip you would like. This will help the MedSailors team match you with other like-minded trip-goers.

As mentioned before, our group was fantastic, and MedSailors did a splendid job of matching us.

But remember, if you prefer to skip some activities, you are free to do so and arrange your own exploration and free time as you wish.

When to book your MedSailors Croatia Discovery trip?

You should book your MedSailor’s Croatia Discovery trip as soon as possible, as the best deals for the next season are usually right as one season is ending, usually in September and October.

Also, they often host giveaways, so it’s worth following them on social media.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

What to pack for your MedSailors sailing trip in Croatia?

Essential items for your Croatia sailing adventure:

  • Swimming suit
  • Sunscreen/sun lotion
  • Beach towels
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Camera
  • Powerbank
  • Sea sickness tablets
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Snacks

You honestly don’t need much for the sailing trip, as you’ll be in your swimming suits most of the time anyway.

Preferably, pack your stuff in a backpack rather than a suitcase, as it’s going to be easier to store it. We had two gear bags and one 40L backpack and had just enough space for everything. So there is enough space, just not for super big luggage.


The Croatia Discovery route with MedSailors was exactly what we expected from such a trip, and it couldn’t have been a better introduction (Discovery) to the Croatian seaside.

Nothing can beat anchoring the boat in a beautiful bay with just a few other boats and jumping into the crystal clear water straight off the boat on a crisp, sunny morning.

Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery
Sailing in Croatia from Split: MedSailors Croatia Discovery

** Thank you to MedSailors for hosting us on this amazing week on the MedSailors Croatia Discovery trip where we got to have a lot of fun sailing around the islands from Split with incredible people. **

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