Things To Do in Gan Island, Maldives: Addu Atoll

In this travel guide, we give you the top things to do on Gan Island, the southernmost island of the Maldives.
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About Gan Island

Gan Island is the southernmost island of the Maldives and is actually quite large by Maldives standards.

Part of Addu Atoll, Gan Island is the second-largest island there and is connected to other islands in the Atoll by a bridge.

Gan was formerly inhabited, but its inhabitants were moved to other islands after the British airbase was built.

Now, the only accommodation on the island is the Equator Village Resort, and that’s where we stayed.

Equator Village Resort on Gan Island, Maldives

How to get to Gan Island

The easiest and most common way to get to Gan Island is by flying into the Gan Island International Airport, the main airport of the whole Addu Atoll.

You can fly from many world locations to Velana International Airport (Male – capital of Maldives) and then have a domestic flight to Gan Island.

And since 2016, frequent international flights had started arriving on Gan Island when Sri Lankan Airlines added the first international routes. Now you can also find direct flights from Dubai to Gan Island by FlyDubai.

So now it’s easier than ever to fly into Gan Island from many world locations.

Gan Island is also expecting an expansion of the International Airport, so this will likely bring in even more connections and development to the Addu Atoll.

Equator Village Resort

Gan Island’s Equator Village Resort offers 78 rooms. You can choose between standard and twin rooms.

Everything is full of greenery at Equator Village, and between rooms, thick green shrubs are blooming with pretty flowers. The atmosphere there is peaceful, and finding a corner just for yourself is easy.

We had a full board stay, which means breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all drinks (except alcohol) included. And we suggest the same as there aren’t many restaurants close by.

Things to do on Gan Island, Maldives

While the Gan Island of Addu Atoll is big, most of the area of the island is taken by the Gan International Airport, so there are only a few things to do on Gan Island.

However, since Gan is part of Addu Atoll, a much bigger area, there’s plenty to do around!

1. Enjoy the amenities offered at the resort

In the Equator Village Resort, you can do some fun activities, such as playing tennis, table tennis, table football, swimming in the pool, and many water activities like canoeing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

Kayaking in Gan Island, Maldives - top things to do

And you can even rent a bike and cycle around the island.

You can rent all the equipment you need, like bikes and snorkeling gear, at the resort.


If you leave the resort, you have to cover yourself (especially women), as Maldivians are Islamic, and such is the custom.

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2. Go on a day trip

The most fun part and the top thing to do on Gan Island is going on a day trip to other parts of the Addu Atoll.

We suggest going on as many day trips as you can, as you can easily get bored without them. Especially if you’re like us and can’t chill and relax for days on end. We need some action!

Island hopping in Gan Island, Maldives - top things to do
Island hopping in the Maldives – top thing to do.

Luckily, you can do plenty of day trips from Gan Island in the Maldives.

You can book your day trips directly with the Equator Village Resort or with one of the tour agencies at the atoll.

3. Go snorkeling

The trip we liked the most was taking a boat to Bushy Island, named after the bushes, the only thing there. The water on Bushy Island is so bright and blue, a real classic “Maldivian” color.

Snorkeling in Gan Island, Maldives - top things to do
Unfortunately, we didn’t get any underwater photos! But it looked like this! (photo from: Surin Islands, Thailand)

Island hopping and snorkeling in Gan Island, Maldives - top things to do

As we got to the island, we went snorkeling right away. And we thoroughly enjoyed snorkeling there and saw many cute fish. And the best part, after snorkeling, we got a nice lunch.

Such a great spot for a picnic and just chilling out.

4. Go dolphin watching

The coolest thing to do on Gan Island is to go on a dolphin-watching cruise around Addu Atoll.

It’s not hard to see dolphins around there, but since you’re on a dolphin-watching experience, you head out straight to them, so you find a lot of them very quickly.

And when you do see them, it’s just an incredible experience. They jump and play all around the boats, and you can’t really get bored of that sight quickly.

Dolphin watching on Gan Island, Maldives - top things to do

5. Explore Addu Nature Park

Another cool trip you can do from Gan Island is to Addu Nature Park, a great place to see many birds and other wildlife of Maldives.

You can explore Addu Nature Park by bike or golf cart or, if you have enough time and energy, on foot.

A cool thing to do in Addu Nature Park is to go snorkeling, as it has quite a lively reef. Unfortunately, we didn’t do it, as we didn’t have enough time. But for snorkeling lovers, we highly recommend it!

6. Go on a fishing trip

For all fishing lovers, Gan Island offers a fishing trip for either sunrise or sunset, where you can catch your dinner.

We’re not big fans of fishing, but it’s an interesting thing to try. You can also do handline fishing.

The key here is to be patient and feel the line moving so you know when you catch something and react fast.

This was quite a pleasant experience, not so much for the fishing part but definitely for the lovely sunset we had onboard while talking the day away.

7. Go diving

Diving enthusiasts can also go diving in Addu Atoll’s pristine reefs teeming with exotic species of fish and also have the opportunity to encounter magnificent mantas throughout the year.

Diving in Maldives - Gan Island top things to do

Best time to visit Gan Island in Maldives

The best time to plan a visit to Gan Island is during the months of November to March, with the most favorable weather conditions for tourism and exploration.

Overall, Maldives have a consistent and warm climate throughout the year, with temperatures typically ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. And even at night, the temperature only experiences a slight decrease.

Where to eat on Gan Island

As Gan Island is mostly uninhabited, your only option for food is the Equator Village Resort restaurant.

However, you can easily get to the nearby restaurants on Feydhoo Island, like Elly Bistro.

Is Gan Island in Maldives worth visiting?

Gan’s idyllic setting allows guests to immerse themselves in the classic Maldivian experience, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Gan Island in the Maldives is absolutely worth visiting because it is part of the beautiful Addu Atoll, which offers an abundance of natural beauty and an array of exciting activities. From swimming in crystal-clear waters to snorkeling among vibrant coral reefs and diving into the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Absolutely worth visiting!

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