Babadag Cable Car in Oludeniz - Must do
Babadag Cable Car in Oludeniz - Must do

Babadag Cable Car: Must Do in Oludeniz

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Babadag mountain’s newly opened cable car is the icon of Fethiye and Oludeniz. It’s home to the take-off point for one of the best paragliding in the world. You can ride the cable car up and get a 360 view of the incredible landscape below. The cable car was everyone’s wish for the last few decades, and in the summer of 2021, it finally opened up. 

In this blog, we will tell you all about it and our personal experience, as well as what to expect when visiting.

Babadag is a part of the Taurus range that goes across southern Turkey. What makes Babadag itself so unique is that it rises directly from the beach of Oludeniz to a summit of almost 2000 meters above it.

About the Babadag cable car in Oludeniz

We researched top things to do in Fethiye and Oludeniz before coming here, but none of the blogs mentioned it. As luck would have it, we saw it while passing by and decided to check it out. Later we learned it’s an entirely new thing and definitely deserves to be in top things to do while here!

The Babadag/Oludeniz cable car takes you from Oludeniz to the top of the Babadag mountain, from where you can enjoy a fantastic 360 view of the area. It is an excellent, newly opened attraction that will just continue getting better with time. 

Babadag mountain cable car, Fethiye

There are a few different so-called levels of the mountain, and you can even grab something to eat or drink while enjoying the scenery. The cable car takes you to the first stop at 1200 meters and the second at 1700 meters. From there, you can also get even higher with a chair lift. From where the chair lift stops, a path leads even higher and reaches the top of the mountain, but it was not open when we were there.

Things to do at the Babadag Mountain

Enjoy one of the restaurants

The restaurants at Babadag mountain are a great place to grab some food or a drink while enjoying the spectacular view. Visit before the sunset for some extra magic, especially with many paragliders dotting the sky below.

1700 Grill and Bar restaurant, Babadag, Oludeniz
Cafe at 1700 meters with the view on paragliding take-off point and Oludeniz.

Travel tip: This might become a hotspot of Oludeniz, so if you want to get the spot for sunset, it might be wise to make a reservation.

Note: When we visited at the end of October 2021, only the restaurant at 1700 meters was open. However, this will probably change as this was the first season of the cable car being available, and it was already a bit out of season anyway.

Observe paragliders

Paragliding is one of the top things to do while in Fethiye or Oludeniz, so we highly recommend you to do it here, at one of the best spots for that in the world.

📖 Read more about our paragliding experience in Oludeniz here.

Top place for paragliding in the world - Oludeniz, Turkey

However, if you don’t want to do it yourself, at least enjoy the view of the sky filled with paragliders (both solo and tandem). Here you can witness them take off above the mesmerizing scenery of Oludeniz.

The Babadag mountain has six take-off spots on different levels and from both sides of the mountain. Although, not all of them were open yet, and not all of them are active at the same time. But whichever time of the day, there will be someone taking off.

Paragliding from the top of Babadag mountain in Oludeniz

Enjoy 360 views of the area

As there are four different levels, you can take in the views from all the sides and heights. However, the best views start at 1700 meters.

Oludeniz mountains

Ride the chairlift

Don’t skip the chairlift that goes to 1800 meters. Although the ride takes only a few minutes as you go up just 100 meters higher, it’s a fun experience, especially if you haven’t ridden in one before.

You can find a Burger house on that level, and the trail to get to the very top of Babadag starts here. However, none of these worked when we were there, so we could only admire the views, and peaceful atmosphere as almost no one came here.

Most people stay at 1700 meters as there are the most facilities there.

Arijana Tkalčec and Matej Špan at chairlift on Babadag mountain

Price of Babadag’s cable car

The Babadag/Oludeniz cable car price is about $9 for a round ticket per person, and it also includes the chairlifts, of course.

Keep the ticket with you, and don’t throw it away while you’re up, as you will need it to come down (you scan it on the ticketing machines).

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Arijana Tkalčec and Matej Špan - Shipped Away

Duration of Babadag’s cable car ride

The duration of the Babadag cable car ride is 16 minutes. The ride starts on the hill just above Oludeniz and takes you to 1700 meters. While you can also stop at 1200 meters, there’s not going on there at the moment. If you go higher with the chairlift, it’s another 5 minutes.

A round-trip on the Babadag cable car ride will take you about 30-40 minutes.

Start of Babadag cable car

Opening time of Babadag cable car

Oludeniz’s cable car to Babadag mountain is open from 7 am until 8 pm every day. However, check this information as this is a new touristic attraction and it might still change a few times.

Note that some stops on Babadag may close a bit sooner. For example, the highest open point at around 1800 meters was closing at 5 pm when we visited.

Things to know for visiting the Babadag cable car

Before getting in, you need to pass the security similar to the airports. You walk through a metal detector, and your bags go through a separate check.

For all the photographers and videographers out there, it’s essential to know that drones are forbidden here. As mentioned above, you need to pass through security, and they will see it for sure. We were allowed to bring one to the top as we genuinely didn’t know about this, but we promised not to fly because it’s obviously not safe anyway with all the paragliders in the sky all around. So we suggest against flying a drone on Babadag.

Keep in mind that it’s a bit colder at the top of the Babadag mountain, especially outside summer months, so take a jacket or something with long sleeves to keep you warm.

1700 meters at Babadag mountain

Facilities on the Babadag mountain

There are three restaurants, each on one level. The most popular one is the 1700 Grill & Wine Bar, as it offers a great view of the area and the paragliding take-off spot. On the level above it, where you go with a chairlift, you can find the 1800 Burger House.

Note: When we were there in October 2021, only the restaurant on 1700 meters was open when we were there.

There are free of charge, modern, and super clean toilets at the 1700 level.

There is a big parking lot a few minutes walk from the ticket office and starting point of the Babadag cable car.

Time needed for the cable car ride

Expect to spend at least 1 hour for a round-trip with the cable car to the top of Babadag mountain, and if you stop for a drink or a meal, it can quickly become 2 or 3 hours. It all depends on how much you will like the place. 🙂

How to get to the Babadag cable car

The Babadag cable car starts on the hill just above the town of Oludeniz, so if you’re coming from Oludeniz, just head up the road towards Fethiye for a few minutes, and from Fethiye head to Oludeniz, and it will be on the last downhill road. So it should take only around 15 minutes to reach the Babadag cable car starting point from Fethiye with a car or the local bus/taxi.

📍 Fethiye/Oludeniz cable car starting point (Fethiye Ölüdeniz Babadağ Teleferik).

Our experience at the newly opened Babadag cable car

We enjoyed our time on the Babadag mountain, and it’s definitely worth it to check it out, as it’s the place to get the best views of the area. And if you’re brave enough (you should be), you might as well do what others do there and go paragliding.

The only thing we disliked was the type of glass on the cable cars. It gave off a weird reflection during the sunset when the whole sky was on fire, so it was impossible to take some good photos from it at that time. But that’s just us, probably. 😁

Babadag/Oludeniz cable car during sunset

Want to know what else to do around here? 📖 Read our Fethiye & Oludeniz guide here.

Is the cable car to Babadag mountain on your to-do list? If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments.


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