Best Sunrise and Sunset Viewpoints in Cappadocia

Find the most picturesque sunrise and sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia and plan your visit with our first-hand travel tips.
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Arijana & Matej

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Best sunrise and sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia - best sunrise spots in Cappadocia - best sunset spots in Cappadocia

Cappadocia offers a breathtaking view during sunrise, with hundreds of balloons filling the sky, best observed from panoramic viewpoints. Later, towards the evening, the golden hues of the sunset create another ideal moment to visit a viewpoint and appreciate the scenery.

That’s why watching at least one sunrise and sunset is one of the highlights of Cappadocia that can’t be missed! Watching a sunrise with the hot air balloons filling the sky was a true bucket list item when we were planning the best places to visit in Turkey.

We are early risers, so on our last week-long visit to Cappadocia, we didn’t miss any sunrises and got to watch them in the best sunrise spots around Goreme. We also ended each day with a beautiful sunset at the best sunset spots in Cappadocia.

That’s why we decided to create this practical guide to help you decide which ones are worth visiting on your trip.

Best viewpoints in Cappadocia

Most of the viewpoints in this guide are easy to reach, even on foot. But having a car is essential to enjoy sunrises and sunsets at some of the more distant viewpoints in Cappadocia.

Best Cappadocia Sunrise and Sunset Viewpoints

  • Lover’s Hill Viewpoint
  • Red Valley Viewpoint
  • Sword Valley Viewpoint
  • Love Valley Panorama
  • Ridge Viewpoint
  • Hotel terrace
  • Uchisar Castle and Ortahisar Castle
  • West Side Viewpoints

Read more about each spot and how to get there below.

1. Lover’s Hill – Easy to reach & Best Sunrise Viewpoint

The Lover’s Hill viewpoint directly above Goreme town is the easiest one to get to, and that’s why it’s also the most crowded one. But rightly so, as it gives you a unique view of the beautiful scenery. And if you only have time to watch one sunrise and one sunset, do it at Lover’s Hill!

Lover's Hill Viewpoint - Best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia - Best sunset viewpoint in Cappadocia
Lover’s Hill – the best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia

This viewpoint is also known as Sunrise Viewpoint and Sunset Viewpoint in Goreme, as it’s great for both occasions. But the local name is “Aşıklar Tepesi” – meaning Lovers Hill.

There are great spots to watch the sunrise all around Lover’s Hill, so just walk around and find a spot for yourself. The further you go from the entrance, the quieter it gets since you get away from the more built-out part, which also has a viewing platform.

Viewpoint for watching hot air balloons in Goreme - Best sunrise and sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia

Getting to Lover’s Hill Sunrise and Sunset Viewpoint

To reach Lover’s Hill in Goreme, simply walk up the hill from the town, it’s even signposted along the way. Follow the Google Maps navigation to this location, and that’s it.

There is a small entrance fee of a maximum of 1 EUR for Lover’s Hill, paid in cash (10 to 20 Turkish Lira).

Lover's Hill Viewpoint - Best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia - Best sunset viewpoint in Cappadocia
Lover’s Hill seen from a balloon – Check our recommended Cappadocia Balloon Flight

2. Red Valley Viewpoint – Best Sunset Viewpoint

Our favorite sunset viewpoint in Cappadocia is the Red Valley Viewpoint.

Red Valley viewpoint - best sunset viewpoint in Cappadocia

We loved the Red Valley viewpoint in Cappadocia the most because you can either stay down by the parking lot or do a short hike for maybe 15 minutes to get to the top of the hill with a flagpole. The views from there are to die for!

We highly recommend walking the extra 15 minutes up, as in addition to the great views at the top, you can get some cool panoramic views of the area on the way up.

Hiking at Red Valley in Cappadocia - best sunrise and sunset spots in Cappadocia - Cappadocia's best viewpoints - Turkey flag on a pole
Mount Ercyies (dormant volcano) in the distance at a spot halfway up to Red Valley Viewpoint

Fun fact: You can get to the top of the hill at the Red Valley with a horse! We were surprised to see people on horses passing us on the way up to the viewpoint. Later, we realized it’s the Sunset Horseback Riding Experience, which takes you through the valleys and also to spots like this one.

Getting to Red Valley Sunset Viewpoint

To get to Red Valley Sunset Viewpoint in Cappadocia, you can hike the Red Valley or Rose Valley and then watch a sunset from the viewpoint above it. The hike from the center of Goreme to the Red Valley Viewpoint is about 1 hour and a half with minimal stops.

However, you can get to Red Valley Sunset Viewpoint by car in about 10 minutes from Goreme. So go by car if you’re not up for hiking or have hiked the valleys already, and there’s a lot of time left until sunset.

You can get a taxi there and back, but we recommend renting a car in Cappadocia (read all about it here), as you can then stay as long as you wish. On the way back, you can snap some great photos, like we did this one of Uchisar Castle.

Uchisar castle during the night - best sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia
Uchisar Castle after sunset

Use this location on Google Maps for the lower viewpoint at Red Valley and this location for the summit lookout viewpoint.

The Red Valley has an entrance ticket only if you come by car to the viewpoint area above the valley, and it costs less than 1 USD.

Car rental in Cappadocia

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3. Sword Valley – Best Hot Air Balloon Viewpoint

Sword Valley is one of Cappadocia’s best sunrise viewpoints for watching hot air balloons take off. It’s located just outside Goreme, and countless balloons take off there at sunrise.

Sunrise hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia - Sword Valley, best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia
Cloudy sunrise at Sword Valley – we weren’t lucky on this morning

It’s a great spot for taking photos, as you can get really cool views of balloons taking off and flying right above you. We also took off at Sword Valley during our hot air balloon ride. You can read all about our experience in our Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons Guide.

Sunrise take off of hot air balloons in Cappadocia - best sunrise viewpoints in Cappadocia

  • Check this Cappadocia Photo Shoot from a professional photographer if you’re interested in professionally shot photos

Getting to Sword Valley Viewpoint

Sword Valley is another viewpoint in Cappadocia that’s easy to reach. It’s located only a 20-minute walk outside of Goreme town.

Use this location to reach Sword Valley.

Sword Valley Cappadocia - best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia for watching balloons take off
Sword Valley on a sunny morning


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4. Love Valley – Panoramic Sunrise Viewpoint

One of the not-so-common sunrise viewpoints in Cappadocia is the Panoramic Viewpoint above Love Valley.

Early in the morning, it’s common to see balloons flying over the Love Valley, and that’s why watching a sunrise there is a perfect choice, as you can get up close to them. Plus, you can get views of the stunning fairy chimneys and other rock formations, which is usually not the case at other viewpoints.

Up close with a hot air balloon at the best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia - Love Valley

In the distance, you can see Uchisar Castle and get some fantastic views of balloons flying above and around it. We followed the road from Love Valley Panorama towards Uchisar Castle and got to snap this fantastic photo.

Hot air balloon flying in front of Uchisar castle - best sunrise viewpoints of Cappadocia
Uchisar Castle seen from the road near Love Valley Viewpoint

Getting to Love Valley Panoramic Viewpoint

You can visit Love Valley in two ways: by walking the Love Valley Trail or visiting the viewpoint above the valley. But the best views are from the viewpoint above the valley.

You have to pay about 0.5 USD if you’re coming by car to the panoramic viewpoint.

Want to walk through the Love Valley? To walk it, park just before entering the valley (check location). You can also do it as part of the Goreme-Love Valley-Uchisar loop trail.

Viewpoint of Love Valley - Best sunrise and sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia
Stunning Love Valley

5. Ridge Sunrise Viewpoint with 360 views

Along with Love Valley’s viewpoint, the ridge sunrise viewpoint right outside Goreme town is the one we liked the most and visited for two sunrises.

Best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia for watching hot air balloons take off from Goreme
Hot air balloons galore!

We walked all along the ridge and got some amazing photos! It offers a great view of the valley below where the balloons are taking off. Plus, balloons will fly really close to this spot, so if you’re looking for those close-up photos, this is the spot.

Watching hot air balloons flying above Goreme - best sunrise viewpoints in Cappadocia
There’s so many cool spots all around

Getting to the Ridge Sunrise Viewpoint

The Ridge Sunrise Viewpoint is located just a few minutes’ walk outside of Goreme town on the road leading east towards Goreme Open Air Museum and Ortahisar.

You can use this location on Google Maps to reach it.

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6. Hotel terrace – Stunning Views of Hot Air Balloons

There are so many great viewpoints all around Goreme, but don’t forget about the most accessible one, your hotel terrace (if it has one!).

Watching hot air balloons from hotel terrace in Cappadocia - best sunrise spots in Cappadocia - sunrise viewpoint
Watching balloons fly above Goreme from our Hotel’s terrace

Cappadocia is known for its rock-cut Cave Hotels, which often have amazing terraces.

But since we were visiting on a strict budget during our big Turkey Road Trip, we only realized on the last night that our hotel, Seven Stone Hotel, had a big rooftop with a terrace. So the next morning, we enjoyed watching the sunrise and balloons lift off from right there.

There are great options for accommodation in Goreme with a terrace, even on a budget, that can give you amazing views of hot air balloons at sunrise.

Best hotels with terraces in Goreme

7. Uchisar Castle and Ortahisar Castle Viewpoints

Two of the stunning Cappadocia castles, the Uchisar Castle just outside Goreme and the Ortahisar Castle in the town of Ortahisar, also offer great opportunities to watch the sunset.

We enjoyed a lovely late lunch with views of Uchisar Castle at the Dream Spot Cappadocia Restaurant, which is an amazing spot for sunset. While this is not a classic sunset viewpoint in Cappadocia, it’s definitely one of the most unique ones that offers a superb way to end a day.

Restaurant overlooking Uchisar Castle for sunset - best sunset spots in Cappadocia - Cappadocia's best sunset viewpoints
Fantastic food and views at Dream Spot Cappadocia Restaurant

On the other hand, it would be amazing if it would be possible to watch a sunset from the top of Ortahisar Castle which has great views. But since the castle closes before the sun sets and you have to leave, watching the sunset from one of the hills with views of Ortahisar Castle is a better option.

Best sunset viewpoint in Cappadocia - views of Ortahisar Castle

Since Ortahisar Castle closes at 6 pm, you can only stay for sunset if you’re visiting in October or later. This was the case when we visited. We had just about enough time to see the sun go down before we had to rush to the exit. We managed to leave a few minutes after the closing time.

Best sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia - the view of Uchisar castle from Ortahisar Castle
View of Uchisar Castle from the top of Ortahisar Castle

Getting to the Castles

You can reach Uchisar Castle in about 10 minutes by car from Goreme or by taxi for about 5 EUR one way. There’s also a bus connecting Goreme and Uchisar, leaving every 30 minutes from 7:30 a.m. to about 8 p.m.

For Ortahisar Castle, we recommend a taxi or renting a car.

There is an entrance fee of about 2 EUR to enter Ortahisar Castle and about 7 EUR to enter Uchisar Castle. But at Uchisar Castle, you can even get amazing views without entering – like at the restaurant we mentioned above or at the base of the castle.


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8. Alternative Viewpoints on the west side of Goreme Valley

On one morning in Goreme, we decided to pick a spot on the valley’s west side, where most people don’t go. There are countless known viewpoints on the east side, closer to the balloons, but there are none really known ones on the other side.

From this alternative viewpoint, we got a different perspective, which was a nice addition to our list of the best sunrise and sunset spots in Cappadocia. Honestly, this was our favorite sunrise viewpoint in Goreme, as we were completely alone, and got a completely different view than from other spots.

Alternative viewpoints in Cappadocia - best sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia for watching balloons take off
Alternative sunrise viewpoint in Cappadocia

To get to a great alternative viewpoint on the west side, you can drive from the main street towards the hills for a few minutes and find a rocky outcrop. You can also walk there in about 10 to 15 minutes from Goreme town.

You can use this location as general guidance on how to find the alternative sunrise viewpoints of Goreme.

Arijana Tkalčec and Matej Špan on a hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia

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9. Bonus: Hot Air Balloon Ride

We’re sure this one is obvious, but watching a sunrise from a hot air balloon ride is the best way to see the landscape of Cappadocia for sunrise.

Depending on where the wind takes your balloon crew, you can end up in amazing spots right next to fairy chimneys and the fascinating parts of Cappadocia valleys. It’s an experience like no other.

Hot air balloon flying above unique landscape of Cappadocia - best sunrise and sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia


Our guide with all you need to know about Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia.


Cappadocia Travel Tips

Cappadocia is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit is during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is mild and the landscapes are in full bloom.

For accommodation, Goreme is a popular town with a wide range of cave hotels and guesthouses to choose from – some with amazing rooftop terraces from which you can watch hot air balloons taking off.

Getting around Cappadocia is relatively easy, with local buses and taxis available for getting around between most main attractions and towns. Remember to check the bus schedules and plan your itinerary accordingly. Up-to-date timetables are posted at the Goreme Bus Station, or you can ask your hotel.

Alternatively, you can rent a car to explore the region at your own pace or book one of the two main tours, the Red Tour and Green Tour.

Best sunrise viewpoints in Cappadocia - best sunset viewpoints in Cappadocia - going around by car vs public transport
Must-read: Guide to Renting a Car in Cappadocia

Final thoughts on viewpoints in Cappadocia

There are many more great viewpoints in Cappadocia than the ones we listed in this article.

But after visiting countless viewpoints in Cappadocia, we are confident that our list includes the absolute best ones, both those that are easily accessible on foot and those that require a car. So you can easily choose which one (or which ones) best suit you.

Hot air balloons fly low in Cappadocia - best sunrise and sunset spots in Cappadocia
Have a great time chasing awesome views and hot air balloons around Cappadocia!

Thank you for reading our guide to Cappadocia’s best sunrise and sunset viewpoints. We hope we helped you plan your trip. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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