Simena Castle Turkey: 2024 Travel Guide

Find all you need to know before visiting Simena Castle and village in Turkey. Read our first-hand travel tips on how to visit and more.
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Simena Castle Turkey: 2024 Travel Guide

During our Turkey road trip, we spent a few days in Kas and took a boat trip to Simena Castle (Kalekoy Castle) and Sunken City, which was the highlight of our stay and one of our favorite experiences on the Turkish Riviera road trip.

So, here is everything you need to know before visiting Simena Castle yourself.

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Arijana on the top of Simena Castle


Simena, located in Turkey, is an ancient Lycian city with a rich history dating back to the 4th century BC. It is famous for its well-preserved rock-cut tombs, stunning amphitheater overlooking the sea, and picturesque views of the Mediterranean coast. 

Today, Simena is known for its charming fishing village vibe, with colorful houses lining the waterfront and small boats bobbing in the clear blue waters. 

Simena Castle Turkey, Simena Travel Guide, simena castle, kalekoy castle, kekova island boat trip, kalekoy village
Simena Castle and Kalekoy seen from a boat

Things to see and do in Simena, Turkey

While the Simena Castle is the absolute highlight, there are a few other things to see and do at Simena, now better known as Kalekoy.

Simena Castle

Simena Castle, also known as Kalekoy Castle, is a historical site in the Antalya Province of Turkey. It is perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the picturesque Kalekoy Village.

Simena Castle Turkey, Simena Travel Guide, simena castle, kalekoy castle, kalekoy village

Simena castle dates back to the 4th century BC when it served as a strategic military outpost. Over the centuries, it has witnessed the rule of various civilizations, including the Lycians, known for their advanced city planning and unique funerary practices; the Romans, who brought their architectural prowess; and the Byzantines, who left their mark with their religious influence.

At the castle of Simena, you can explore the remains of the castle walls, towers, and amphitheater while soaking in the panoramic vistas that stretch out over the turquoise waters below. The views are to die for!

Arijana Tkalčec on Kekova boat tour in Turkey

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Kalekoy Village

Right below Kalekoy Castle is the small, cute Kalekoy village. The narrow cobblestone streets are lined with quaint cafes and shops selling local handicrafts. However, expect the prices to be a bit higher than usual.

Tip: Try their handmade ice cream!

You need to pass through this part to climb to the top of the castle. While this area is charming, it can be a bit overwhelming to pass by, with everyone offering their products.

Simena Castle Turkey, kalekoy village, simena
Part of Kalekoy village seen from the boat

Sunken City

Simena experienced significant submergence due to earthquakes in the 2nd century AD and is now home to a remarkable, sunken ancient city. 

Join a boat tour to see the partially submerged ruins, including the remnants of buildings, walls, and paved streets once part of a thriving settlement. 

sunken city kekova, sunken city simena, Simena Castle Turkey, Simena Travel Guide, simena castle, kalekoy castle
Sunken City seen from Kekova boat tour

We visited Simena Castle on the Kekova boat tour from Kas, so we saw it while cruising on the way to the village of Kalekoy. It is absolutely stunning!

sunken city turkey, sunken city kekova, simena

Sea kayaking

Alternatively, you can visit the Sunken City ruins of Simena by joining a sea kayaking tour.

We highly recommend this option, as it allows you to observe the ruins more closely and at a slower pace than from a cruising boat. 

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The calm and turquoise waters provide an ideal environment for both beginners and experienced kayakers to enjoy this historical and scenic adventure. 

With breathtaking views and the chance to immerse yourself in history, sea kayaking at the sunken city of Simena is a must-try activity for those seeking a truly memorable experience in Turkey.

simena sunken city, kekova sunken sity, simena travel guide

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How to visit Simena Castle?

Boat trip

One of the best ways to visit Simena Castle is by taking a boat tour from Kas, Demre, or Üçağız. These boat tours provide a scenic journey along the coast and offer a unique perspective of the castle perched on the hillside while approaching it from the sea.

It’s also possible to do a day trip from Fethiye or Antalya, but these are usually private tours.

We visited the castle of Simena on a boat tour from Kas, which also included a bunch of swimming stops, seeing Sunken City, and lunch. Read more about our experience here.

kekova boat trip, Simena Castle Turkey, Simena Travel Guide

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However, you might also drive towards Simena Castle and then walk the last part (about 1 km or less, depending on where you manage to park). 

Upon exiting D400, the street narrows, and the road quality deteriorates, resulting in a longer travel time. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to reach Ucagiz. Proceed through the village until you find a car parking area, and then hike from there. Note that the trail isn’t marked.

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Another recommended way to visit Simena Castle is by hiking the Lycian Way trail, which offers stunning vistas along the way. Check the route here.

Simena Castle Turkey, Simena Travel Guide, simena castle, kalekoy castle

Opening hours and tickets

The entrance fee to Simena Castle is around 3 USD.

The Castle of Simena is open daily from 10 am until 8 pm.

Where to stay?

For those seeking a traditional experience, staying in a local guesthouse or boutique hotel within the picturesque village of Kalekoy can provide an authentic taste of the area’s charm. 

Note: The village is tiny, and there are not many stays available, so you’ll need to book them well in advance for a chance to stay there!

We recommend Ankh Pension or Sahil Pension for your stay in Simena.

Alternatively, you may opt for hotels or resorts along the coast, such as Kas or Demre.

Simena Castle Turkey, Simena Travel Guide, simena castle, kalekoy castle, kalekoy village

Thank you for reading this article about Simena Castle Turkey. We hope we convinced you to visit and, above all, helped you plan your trip.

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