Tlos, Turkey: Ruins of Ancient Lycian City near Fethiye

Find all you need to know before visiting the ruins of the Tlos Ancient City in Turkey, including the things to see and how to visit.
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Tlos Ruins - Tlos Ancient City - Tlos, Turkey Travel Guide

The area around Fethiye and the Mugla province is full of ancient ruins and tombs and one of the best ones to visit is the Tlos Ruins.


Tlos Ancient City was built by Lycians in the 4th century BC and is a fascinating example of Lycian architecture. However, it’s believed that the first construction here was over 4000 years ago.

The ruins of the ancient city are located on a hill overlooking the modern-day village of Tlos on the east part of the Xanthos Valley.

The great thing about Tlos is that while it’s quite a popular attraction in Fethiye, it’s still not that crazy busy.

Citadel of Tlos - Tlos Ancient City Turkey - Tlos Castle - Tlos Ruins Turkey Travel guide

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Things to see at the Ancient City of Tlos

The Lycian Tombs carved into the rock are visible on the lower part of the ruins. But the best part about Tlos is that you can climb the citadel (Acropolis) for great views of the area.

On the way to the Acropolis, there are numerous Lycian tombs and sarcophagi, like the Tomb of Bellerophon.

Ancient Tombs Tlos - Tlos Ancient City Turkey - Tlos Ruins Turkey Travel guide - Tlos Castle

While exploring the grounds, you can also find the Roman Baths, the Temple of Kronos, the Tlos Roman Theatre, and the Stadium right in front of it.

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Roman Theatre at Tlos Ruins - Tlos Ancient City Turkey
Roman Theatre of Tlos

There is a strong mix of ancient cultures at Tlos, and much of the construction dates back to the Roman Empire.

Note: Many parts of Tlos Ruins are still being excavated, so some parts might not be fully open and accessible, like the Roman Theater, which you can only see from the road.

Tlos Ancient City Turkey - Tlos Ruins Turkey Travel guide

Time needed: Tlos Ruins aren’t that big, but still expect to spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour on your visit. We spent a little over an hour, as we walked all around it, as well as spent some time up at the top of the citadel. We loved that part the most. And walking around the rock tombs.


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How to visit Tlos Ruins

The easiest way to visit Tlos Ruins is from Fethiye or Oludeniz, as it’s only a 45-minute drive away. You can also visit on a day trip from Kas, from where it’s a 1 hour and 20 minute drive.

We recommend visiting Tlos on the way from Fethiye and Oludeniz to Saklikent Gorge. That’s how we did it. Combining both in a day is best, as the locations are not too far apart.

Saklikent Gorge near Tlos Ruins in Turkey
Saklikent Gorge, 20 minutes drive from Tlos Ruins

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Opening hours and tickets

The opening hours of Tlos Ruins are from 08:30 am to 17:30 pm.

The entrance ticket to Tlos Ruins is 4 USD.

Many people only observe Tlos from the road when passing by, but we highly recommend paying for the ticket and getting to the top of the citadel for a great view of the surrounding area.

Tlos Citadel - Tlos Castle - Tlos Acropolis - Tlos Ancient City Turkey - Tlos Ruins price

Thank you for reading this article on Tlos Ancient City. We hope we convinced you to visit and, above all, helped you plan your trip.

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