Visit Cumalıkızık – A 700-year-old Ottoman Village (Bursa)

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Cumalikizik ottoman village in Bursa, Turkey
Colorful Houses in Ottoman village in Bursa, Turkey

About the Ottoman Village in Bursa

The Ottoman Village, which holds the name of Cumalıkızık, is a village of which history dates back to around 1300 during the formation of the Ottoman Empire. It’s a convenient 10 kilometers away from the city of Bursa, so it’s an easy visit while in the area. Tourists flock to the village to get a glimpse of the historical architecture and environment of one of the oldest villages of this kind.

Due to its long past, it’s seen the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. A museum displays objects and artifacts, and the village was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014.

You will notice the unique architecture of Cumalıkızık because of its 270 historical houses, many colorful houses, and mostly made of wood and rubble stones. It has a distinct look, and its narrow cobblestone streets remind you of medieval times. Most of the houses are to this day lived in by the locals. But, on the other hand, there are still many to be restored.

As well as being an Ottoman Settlement, it was also inhabited during the Byzantine Empire.

Cumalıkızık’s unique look served as a stage for shooting many historical movies.

Arijana Tkalčec in Ottoman village in Bursa, Turkey

How to get to the Ottoman Village in Bursa

The Ottoman Village is a convenient 10 kilometers away from the city of Bursa, so getting there is pretty straightforward. You can reach it in about 20 minutes by catching the local minibus that stops at many points in the city.

We came there with a car on the way from Istanbul to Izmir.

There is a big parking lot with a $1 parking fee (📍 Click for location).

Things to do in the Ottoman Village in Bursa

Stroll through the cobblestone streets

The main thing to do in the Ottoman Village in Bursa is to stroll around its narrow cobblestone streets, admiring its distinct look and trying to picture it in the old times. 

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Enjoy local delicacies like baklava, sarma, or blackberry juice

We bought two fresh blackberry juices, and they were so delicious we had to buy a whole bottle and take it with us to Izmir. Many stands sell it, so we highly recommend you enjoy some.

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Shop for souvenirs

This place is perfect for shopping for traditional clothes, all kinds of traditional jewelry, decorations, homemade food, etc. The prices of everything are pretty reasonable too.

We managed to find a lady selling hand-made soap, and we bought a wonderful mango-smelling one and have been using it for months already.

Pose for a photo in Ottoman attire

This unique venue offers photo booth sets with traditional Ottoman attire. You get a photo to remember the village by :). This is a popular thing to do all over Turkey, and we’ve seen it in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and elsewhere.

The price was quite low, it costs only about a dollar or two.

Ottoman Village Photo Booth
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Best time to visit the Ottoman Village in Bursa

Any time is good to visit Cumalıkızık, but summer might be the best, as you will find the most handicraft and fresh food, even though we can imagine it gets jam-packed then as well. We were there in mid-October on a weekday, and while it wasn’t packed full, there was still a significant amount of tourists roaming around the village.

Where to stay at the Ottoman Village in Bursa

As we only stopped in Cumalıkızık on the way to Izmir, we didn’t stay anywhere around, but we did a bit of research, and there are two hotels/hostels you can stay at right in the heart of the village. But other than that, Bursa offers many hotels, and it’s easy to reach the village anyways.

Two possible accommodations in the center of Cumalıkızık:

Note: Please contact the properties in the village beforehand, as it seems they are only open during the summer.

Is there an entrance fee for the Ottoman Village in Bursa?

No, there is no entrance for visiting Cumalıkızık, but you will have to pay for parking (around 1 USD) if you come by car.

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Overall experience

Even though we didn’t spend much time in the Ottoman Village, we enjoyed our visit there, and it was nice to get a glimpse of the historical houses and streets. We also got to buy an excellent soap and delicious blackberry juice. Mission success!

Matej Špan at Bursa, Turkey

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Arijana Tkalcec and Matej Span underwater selfie, Similan Islands, Thailand
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