Feel the Charm of Laghi di Fusine

Just outside the Italian city of Tarvisio, you can find mesmerizing Laghi di Fusine, two glacial lakes surrounded by majestic mountains and forest. The area is perfect for spending a relaxing time in nature and offers endless hike possibilities. Some still call this place a hidden gem even though tourism is blooming. Nonetheless, it still feels like you’re in a fairy tale.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Where are Fusine Lakes?

Fusine Lakes are situated at the foot of the Mangart massif in the Julian Alps. As they are close to the Italy-Slovenia border, just 20 minutes drive from Kranjska Gora in Slovenia, they are also known by the Slovenian name Belopeška jezera. Fusine Lakes consist of two glacial lakes, Lago di Fusine Inferiore (the inferior lake) and Lago di Fusine Superiore (the superior lake). They are connected by an easy path that leads through the forest.

Laghi Di Fusine

Is there an entrance fee for Fusine Lakes?

To get to the lake, you have to pay an entrance fee. The seasonal price (from 1st July to 31st August) is 2€ for motorbikes, 3€ for cars, and 15€ for campers. You can come in for free if you go on foot or a bike. It takes around 15 minutes on foot from the entrance. You can stay overnight (if you have a van/camper) on the parking lot next to the Lago Superiore, and we, like many others, chose that option.

Should I spend more time at Lago Superiore or Lago Inferiore?

Both lakes are beautiful and worth visiting, but I prefer Lago Superiore as it has a unique atmosphere. The trail around the whole lake, the reflection of a vast mountain seen throughout the day, and the mist in the mornings make it magical. It’s bigger than Lago Inferiore, so it’s perfect for a walk as you can follow the trail that leads you around the whole lake.

Walking path at Fusine Lakes in Italy

The circular route around the Superiore Lake

Start at the parking lot and head towards the forest where you’ll see a nicely made path. The path follows the coast of the lake and guides you through the woods. Along the path, you can find benches where you can rest and admire the view. The path also offers many viewpoints, and each of them gives you a unique view of the lake. There’s a valley from one side of the lake, and that’s where the horses and cows walk around freely. They come to the lake to drink water, and seeing their reflection in the water is incredible.

The 2km circular route around the lake takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, but if you plan to stop as much as we did, count much longer.

At one point, you’ll have to pass the cows and horses I previously mentioned. There’s a fence for keeping cows and horses from running into the woods, but you can easily go over it as there is a stile made for climbing over.

PRO TIP: Don’t bother the animals!

I advise you to go around cows and horses. They won’t hurt you, but be careful. We came close to horses and stayed there a bit too long, so one of them came to scare us away. He moved quickly towards us until we walked a few meters back. And that happened twice! I would say he is their guardian. Be smart, and don’t bother them, admire them from a distance.

When is the best time to visit Fusine Lakes?

I believe Fusine Lakes are beautiful during every season. The scenery is outstanding, so I don’t think you’ll regret coming here whenever. However, we went there in the summer.

During the summer, the place is packed. That’s why I suggest taking a walk in the morning. We woke up for sunrise, and it was perfect! There was no one except us. Everything was so peaceful. The part I liked the most was the sound of cowbells in the distance, and that’s the only sound we were able to hear.

Boats at Fusine Lakes, Italy

Drink a coffee with a view at Inferiore Lake

Even though Superior Lake is the one that steals all the attention, the Inferior Lake has its charm too. After walking around the lake, go for a drink at the cafe with the iconic boats and the mountains in the background.

And if you still have the energy for more hiking, take the trail that leads into the woods back towards the upper lake.

Fusine lakes in Italy

What to do around Laghi di Fusine?

This place is a great starting point for many hikes. Take your time and explore the area. Nature is beautiful and unspoiled, so it’s worth it.

Just 20 minutes drive away you can also find Lago del Predil, another beautiful lake I recommend visiting as there you can swim unlike at Laghi di Fusine.

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If you like and find value in what we do and would like to support 💁‍♂️ our work to
enable us to fully dedicate ourselves to our cause and vision, now you can.

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