Top Things To Do In Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a destination with countless options for spending an active getaway in the great outdoors. During winter, it is one of the most famous skiing locations. The main attractions are Zelenci, Lake Jasna, and Waterfall Peričnik, but there is so much more to Kranjska Gora.
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1. Admire the uniqueness of Zelenci Nature Reserve

Zelenci is a must when visiting this part of Slovenia. Zelenci natural reserve has lots of interesting flora and fauna, especially nesting birds. In the far western part of the swamp lies the emerald green lake, the most famous and visited part of Zelenci. From the parking lot, it takes 5-10 minutes of easy walking through the woods to reach the lake. There are two docks and a viewpoint on the lake where you can take a rest and enjoy the view. The lake has a characteristic blue-green color, and that is how it got its name Zelenci – green. The color comes from numerous extremely cold streams that emerge from the layers of marl.

FUN FACT: The lake doesn’t freeze during winter.

If you’re in for something more, you can walk or bike on the wooden bridge all around the swamps. I recommend visiting during sunrise or sunset as it looks the best then. Also, during the day, you’ll meet many people there.

2. Take a walk around Jasna Lake

Lake Jasna is one of the main attractions in Kranjska Gora. In Slovenian „Jasna“ means clear, and it perfectly describes these lakes. It is located just 2 kilometers to the south of Kranjska Gora. It is an alpine lake consisting of two interconnected artificial lakes. The lake is near the road, and you can park on the side of the road for free or at two parking lots next to the lake (one free and one with fee). I suggest you take a nice relaxing walk around the lake. You can also climb a lookout tower next to the lake for a better view. The sight of the mighty Julian Alps over the lake is just incredible. In the summertime, you can refresh yourself by swimming in the lake. There is even a lovely beach with beach chairs where you can sunbathe after. If you like fishing, fly fishing is an option too.

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3. Hike to the Peričnik waterfall

Peričnik waterfall was one of the places I liked the most. It’s not that far out, it’s around 20 minutes by car from lake Jasna. There is a marked trail leading to it from Mojstrana. From the parking there (price: 3 € for 2 hours), you need only 10 minutes of easy hiking to reach the lower waterfall. There is also an upper one and to get there you need another 10 minutes of easy hiking. The first one is 52 meters high and the upper one 16 meters. You can go behind both waterfalls, but you have to be careful as it is wet and slippery. The thing I liked the most is that you can explore all around, from all sides, and even come close to its base (but get ready to get completely wet then). Take your time and do it too, you’ll love it.


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4. Other spots to explore around Kranjska Gora

  • Martuljek waterfalls
  • Vršič pass
  • Cross over to Italy to Laghi di Fusine and visit another beautiful lake Lago del Predil. Those are just around 20 minutes away from Kranjska Gora

To see just these main attractions, one day is enough. For exploring properly, take a few days.

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Arijana Tkalcec and Matej Span underwater selfie, Similan Islands, Thailand
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