Maeklong Railway Market: Talad Rom Hub (Thailand Train Market)

Read all about the bustling Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand, also known as Talad Rom Hub, a unique train market experience near Bangkok.
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Train passing Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok - How to visit Maeklong Railway Market - Rom Hub Market - Thailand Train Market

Visiting the Maeklong Railway Market is one of the most unique experiences in Thailand and is well worth a trip out of Bangkok.

We loved our visit to Maeklong Railway Market, and in this guide, we’ll share our first-hand travel tips so you can plan your trip more easily and make the most of it.

On our trip, we combined a visit to the train market with visiting the floating markets of Bangkok. This is a popular option and definitely something we recommend. This favorite tour is a good option for an organized trip.

We came for the earliest train and stayed until the second one passed. This was not planned, but we liked walking around the market a lot.

What to eat at Maeklong Railway Market - How to visit Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok
Grabbing a refreshment at Maeklong Station, the ending point of Maeklong Railway Market

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About Maeklong Railway Market

The Maeklong Railway Market, also known as the Talad Rom Hub Market (meaning “umbrella pulldown market”), is famous for its stalls set up along 100 meters of railway tracks.

It’s been operating since 1905 on a singletrack railway “dead end,” located in the Samut Songkhram province, about an hour from Bangkok.

Shopping at Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok, Thailand - stalls along railway tracks - train market

Because of its location, this train market earned the nickname “risky market” because vendors have to assemble and disassemble their stalls frequently throughout the day – it seriously is heart-thumping to watch! Especially since they all do it at the very last minute.

Several times a day, vendors quickly and expertly move their goods as a train passes through, only to resume business moments later. This fascinating blend of commerce and railway activity makes the Maeklong Railway Market a must-see destination for any traveler seeking an authentic Thai adventure.

Busy Maeklong Railway Market - Rom Hub Market - Thailand Train Market

At the Talad Rom Hub market, you can find vendors selling Thai goods and souvenirs, fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, etc. Within the vicinity, there are also street food sellers, restaurants, and cafes that can cure any hunger pangs you may have.

Shopping at Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok, Thailand - stalls along railway tracks - train market

We ate some mango sticky rice and ice cream right at the train station, and it was the perfect spot, as it was just meters away from the market, but in a more peaceful setting.

Recommended Experience

Why is Maeklong Railway Market so special?

Thailand’s most famous market, Maeklong Railway Market, is often compared to Hanoi Train Street in Vietnam. But what makes it special and truly unique is that it’s located right on top of Maeklong’s railway line. This means that trains run right through the market several times a day. Because of this, you can observe a well-coordinated, rhythmic, almost orchestrated dance between the train and the vendors themselves.

Imagine this: one second, you’re looking through stalls set up over the railway line, and everyone is just going about their business. Then suddenly, a train approaches. The market just “folds” away, and when the train’s gone, it “unfolds” in a matter of seconds like nothing happened.

It makes sense that a local market was set up in a place like this since it’s a nice, long, flat stretch where vendors can easily sell their goods. The train’s infrequent approach doesn’t disturb them at all.

Aerial drone view of Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok, Thailand
Can you spot the market? It’s where all the sun covers and umbrellas are.

Recommended Experiences

What to expect at Maeklong Railway Market

What should you expect at a popular destination such as the Maeklong Railway Market? Expect a crowd, especially if you’re visiting during peak hours. The market will be cramped under a lot of fold-out umbrellas. However, this should not dampen your mood, as it is, after all, part of its charm.

Crowded Maeklong Railway Market with lots of day trip tourists coming from Bangkok - Thailand train market
It’s a busy time at this Thailand train market just as the train passes by.

The market offers various local products and fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and much more. Thai vendors sell traditional Thai snacks and desserts that you should definitely try, and there are also small restaurants and cafes in the area where you can dine in should you want to step out of the railway market.

Although the train market is not exactly in Bangkok, it still made our list of the best things to do in Bangkok, and is well worth a visit.

Shopping fresh seafood at Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok, Thailand - stalls along railway tracks - train market
Fresh seafood is a top product sold at Maeklong Railway Market

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Maeklong Railway Train Schedule

One thing you definitely should look into in advance before your railway market visit is the Maeklong Railway train schedule. After all, part of the adventure is seeing the folding and unfolding action live.

The train arrival times at Maeklong Station and Maeklong Railway Market are 8:30, 11:10, 14:30, and 17:40. The departure times are 6:20, 9:00, 11:30, and 15:30. Hang around at least 15-20 minutes before the train arrives and departs as Thai trains are known for being a bit late.

Crowded Maeklong Railway Market with lots of day trip tourists coming from Bangkok - Thailand train market

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We documented our full experience at Maeklong Railway Market, which you can see in our YouTube video.

Where to stay near Maeklong Railway Market

Opting to stay overnight near the train market is a great idea if you plan to visit more nearby spots like the Amphawa Floating Market and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

We hand-picked a great selection of hotels:

How to get to Maeklong Railway Market

You can get to the Maeklong Railway Market by car, by train from Wongwian Yai Station, by bus from Sai Tai Mai Bus Station, or by booking an organized guided tour. Depending on your travel method, your total travel time can go anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, even longer if you’re taking the train.

Shopping at Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok, Thailand - stalls along railway tracks - train market

Organized Tour

Many tour providers in Bangkok offer combo day tours, including a visit to Maeklong Railway Market, Amphawa Floating Market, or Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. The Maeklong and Ayutthaya Guided Tour is another great option if you’re looking to visit Ayutthaya.

By car or scooter

You can easily reach Maeklong Railway Market by renting a car or scooter in Bangkok. This is a good option if you also plan to visit a few other spots nearby or visit further away spots. We visited the market by scooter so we could also go to some nearby spots in Samut Songkhram, like the Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. We finished off the day by watching thousands of bats fly out of the caves at Ratchaburi.

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By train

A typical train ride to Maeklong Railway Market would take 3 hours one way from Bangkok and involve one transfer. Travel to Wongwian Yai Station and take the train to Mahachai Station. You will then have to cross the river to Tha Chalom Pier where you will catch the train from Ban Laem Station to Maeklong Railway Market. (Cons: No airconditioning and highly likely to be late)

How to get to Maeklong Railway Market from Bangkok, Thailand - tips for visiting the train market
It was fun taking photos of people on the train that were taking photos of us on the side of the tracks.

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By minivan

To get to the train market by bus, you need to depart from Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Mai Tai) – the ride costs about 2 USD and lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

By taxi

If there are four people in your party, you might want to rent a taxi for the whole day. It will cost around 2500 Thai baht for the morning, which isn’t so bad since you enjoy the comfort of having your own vehicle. You can ask the driver to also take you to the nearby Amphawa Floating Market and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

  • You can also book this Private Tour to Maeklong Railway Market and Floating Markets – a better alternative to a taxi

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Final thoughts – Is it worth visiting?

While some would say that Maeklong Railway Market is just a market and that it’s nothing special, we don’t agree. It’s proof of the creativity and resourcefulness of the locals to make a functioning market in a place that seems so hostile to selling goods. And that’s why it’s absolutely worth visiting. You get a glimpse into the daily local life at this old market, and locals do actually shop frequently there.

It was totally worth a day trip out of Bangkok. But the funniest thing happened when we watched a lady chopping up some meat, and then, once she was done with one round, she picked up a small dog that was sitting behind her as if she was going to chop him up. Luckily, it was just a joke. But it got our heart racing! 😅

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